‘We’re made to look dumb’: Rochelle blasts what it’s actually like to go on The Apprentice

‘What they choose to air can be frustrating – they don’t show much of the good bits’

The Apprentice 2023 saw Rochelle Anthony finish as the runner up to Marnie Swindells, and now the finalist has opened up about what it’s like to be a candidate on the show and claims the show makes the candidates “look dumb” for entertainment purposes.

Speaking in an interview with GB News, Rochelle said “I did on occasion look back and wish we were forewarned about each episode and had a watch party prior to airing, so we could actually see what made the edit as we watched when the show aired.

“But they’ve had their process for the past 18 years and they definitely know what they’re doing. But it would have helped us prepare for the kind of comments the general public would make. It leaves us open to criticism by calling us dumb. But they were very vocal about the way the show goes, I just truly don’t think anything can prepare you.”


Rochelle then spoke more about how the show has the condense a lot of footage into one weekly hour long episode, that has to be coherent, show everyone doing something and also be entertaining. “I think the production team actually has such a hard job! They’re making a one-hour-long show based over three days with up to 18 different people. So it must be so hard to cram everything in.

“It’s also meant to be entertainment, it would be so boring if everyone did well every week. As much of what they choose to air can be frustrating – and they don’t show much of the good bits – I see why they keep each episode so open, so it builds up to the final.”

Whilst Rochelle did say The Apprentice makes the candidates look “dumb” in her opinion, she thanks the show for changing her life nonetheless even when she didn’t actually win the big prize of an investment from Lord Sugar. “It’s changed me as a person! I have grown, learned so much about myself, and had some incredible doors open in social media and business. It’s been such an incredible experience, one I’m forever grateful for!

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