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A 2023 Love Island couple apparently on the rocks!? And another beefs with ex’s dad!?

The show’s over for the year but the drama never rests

Love Island might have finished ages ago, but the drama is still coming in thick and fast. So, welcome *back* to The Tab’s Love Island 2023 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Love Island might be entering its winter hibernation period, but that doesn’t mean the gossip is doing the same. It’s all been kicking off this week as per, with feuds, new career moves, pregnancies and chaotic family feuds over a leg of lamb. It’s a lot to keep up with, but I’ve got you covered. Here’s all the chaotic Love Island gossip of the week you might have missed.

An update on Mitch and Kady’s feud

Mitch and Kady have been in the midst of loads of drama since they respectively left the villa this year, and of all the Love Island gossip in 2023 the both of us have kept us fed.

Mitch told The Sun this week: “Me and Kady are good friends. We DM’d each other and we sorted it out, we’re all good and there’s no bad blood between us, we’ve moved on.”

Zach and Molly hint that they might be on the rocks…

Molly shared some heavy Adele lyrics from I Drink Wine to her Instagram story, sending the rumour mill spiralling they might be linked to a rift between her and Zachariah. Zach then cryptically shared a quote saying ‘My silence doesn’t mean I agree with you. It means your level of stupidity rendered me speechless.’ Very bizarre – no context for either.

Although, as of last night, they hit the red carpet together for the premiere of The Creator in London looking super loved up – so the split rumours might all be for nothing.

Claudia Fogarty confirms she’s in a new relationship

Claudia has confirmed her relationship with pro footballer Ollie Cranshaw. Also, cute, Casey has commented on it with a load of hearts giving his approval. We love mature ex vibes here!

Jack Fincham is beefing with Danny Dyer over a leg of lamb 

Erm, yep.

Danny Dyer discussed his daughter, Dani’s, previous relationships in a rant at the British Film Institute on Monday. Danny said, “My Dani has bought home some f*****g tw*ts. Sitting at my table on a Sunday, eating my leg of lamb.

“You can’t tell your children who to fall in love with. You have to go with the f*****g flow. And then she bought home Jarrod Bowen. I earned him. He is a real man. So yeah, if all my dreams could come true, all I f*****g want is for a man, or woman, whatever, to worship the f*****g ground my daughter walks on.”

Jack wrote on his story, “A t**t? I’ve never eaten a leg of lamb at your house. If you have something to say about me, you know how to get hold of me, so don’t say things without expecting consequences because we know what happened last time don’t we Danny Dyer.”

Amber Gill says her sexuality was ‘always obvious’

Amber, who won Love Island in 2019, has since come out as a lesbian. Speaking on Queerpiphany podcast with Monroe Bergdorf and Drag Race’s Tayce – Amber said it was always obvious that she was gay looking back. “I watch back on the shows that I’ve been on and I’m like, ‘god, you’re just so gay’. If I get sent clips on TikTok, it’s so painfully obvious,” she continued.

“Everyone was just like, ‘Oh, you’re just really picky’, or ‘you’re just this’, or ‘just that’. And I’m like, ‘No, I just like girls.’ But just something wasn’t clicking in my brain, I just wasn’t getting it.”

And funniest of all,  Molly-Mae’s farm shop has ‘become like Alton Towers’


♬ original sound – Holl Elizabeth

A local resident from the area Molly-Mae lives in has fumed on TikTok that the farm shop they all go to has gone to the dogs and you can’t get into it because of a spike in popularity after Molly plugged it on her Instagram.

‘Pure carnage in the car park, it’s like going to Alton Towers for a day out. You’ll have to buy fast passes soon.

‘I’m sorry Molly Mae, I really do love you, but this one has taken the mick a bit because you have ruined Hollies Farm Shop.’

The silliest of all the Love Island 2023 gossip is the Molly-Mae farm shop chaos, but I love it endlessly

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