Here’s where the All Stars 8 queens finished on their original Drag Race season

Mrs Kasha Davis was ROBBED!

All Stars 8 is coming, baby – and this cast is giving absolute carnage and I’m living for it. A pal of mine said it was camp that Drag Race “went from an all winners season to an all flops one” – a harsh sentiment but a funny one, and one that when you look at the rankings of where most of these queens actually finished on their season of Drag Race is perhaps semi apt. Here’s a breakdown of where all the All Stars 8 queens came on their original season of Drag Race!

Jaymes Mansfield (14th place) [Last]

Poor Jaymes came dead last on season nine, with no challenge wins. She’s still thriving though – she’s become a fan fave notoriously done dirty and everyone’s buzzing to see her take it on again.

Kahanna Montrese (14th place)

Coco Montrese’s drag daughter Kahanna had a lot of legacy to live up to that she never managed to on season 11. Since then though, Kahanna has thrived in RuPaul’s Drag Race Live in Vegas and says herself she just wasn’t ready for the race on her OG season.

Naysha Lopez (9th place, originally 12th)

All Stars 8 queens original season

Not Eliminaysha Lopez! Naysha came last on season eight, then got brought back eventually finishing ninth. Since season eight, she’s been prominent in the fanbase due to hosting the infamous Roscoe’s Tavern viewing party.

Monica Beverly Hillz (12th)

All Stars 8 queens original season

Monica Beverly Hillz made herstory as the first queen to ever come out as trans whilst the show was filming.

Mrs Kasha Davis (11th)

SORRY but she should have won the whole season. Violet Chachki literally wishes! Mrs God Davis. How she didn’t win Glamazonian Airways is an international travesty that the world is still paying for.

LaLa Ri (10th place)

The first ever Miss Congeniality AND Golden Boot winner, the incomparable LaLa Ri is here! I personally cannot wait for this icon to come back and gag everyone hard, even if she will never top the influential fashion of the bag look.

Heidi N Closet (6th place)

Heidi came sixth on season 12, but not without winning over the hearts of everyone – except maybe Nicki Minaj. Heidi is the first on this list to get a challenge win, though – she won the Droop challenge on her season.

Jessica Wild (6th place)

I lub this drink! What a queen, so good to see an old school Drag Race icon back for an All Stars season. Jessica finished sixth originally, but won a challenge – winning the singing week of season two.

Alexis Michelle (5th place)

All Stars 8 queens original season

I’m so shady using this picture because Alexis actually slayed – and she’s gonna be sickening on All Stars 8! She got one win for Snatch Game for her impeccable Liza!

Darienne Lake (4th place)

All Stars 8 queens original season

Darienne Lake is back, and she’s looking like Darienne Pond! Nay, Darienne Puddle! Darienne also won one challenge on season six, winning for her acting performance in the horror challenge.

Jimbo (4th place)

All Stars 8 queens original season

Jimbo has been prolific out of all the All Stars 8 queens, finishing fourth on her original season and seventh when she was ROBBED on UK Vs the World. Jimbo’s won three maxi challenges across Canada’s Drag Race season one and UKVTW, and if she doesn’t win the crown this time I’ll be shook to my core.

Kandy Muse (Runner up)

All Stars 8 queens original season