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Ella MAFS UK code

Ella from MAFS UK has revealed her hidden code from the commitment ceremony

‘I have a message and a meaning behind every outfit I wear’

Ella Morgan Clark from this year’s season of MAFS UK has revealed her hidden code that she keeps secret at the commitment ceremonies – leaving us all wondering what she has in store for the next one. Ella has been a big character on MAFS UK this year, she’s the first trans bride to ever join the franchise and her rocky relationship with Nathanial that he has exposed as a flop via the press prematurely created a lot of drama on and off screen.

What is the hidden code?

Ella has revealed on Instagram that during every MAFS UK commitment ceremony her outfits have a hidden code and meaning to them that tell a story personal to her. For the first commitment ceremony, she wore all black and said on Instagram this was because she “wore black as I was mourning the loss of single Ella who is no more now she’s married.”

This week, Ella wore a fit with a different story. On an Instagram Story, Ella said “Wore the trans flag dress colours on tonight’s show… did have a white clutch bag but wasn’t shown in the ep! Dress is actually blue btw! I always have a message, or a story, or a meaning behind every outfit I wear on the show. Some more obvious than others.”

This comes after the dinner party episode, where she wore trans rights clips in her hair. I really need Ella and Nathanial to stick out this relationship we all know comes to an end for longer so we can decipher more outfit meanings from her every commitment ceremony. Who knew Ella from MAFS UK would be giving us Drag Race runway levels of code to admire every fit? Queen shit.

MAFS UK 2023 continues Monday night at 9pm on E4. For more on Brad and Shona from MAFS UK like The Holy Church of MAFS on Facebook.

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