Melinda Verga Drag Race

An ode to Melinda Verga: The Canada’s Drag Race queen bringing the mess and drama we need

She makes it feel like the good old days and we can only thank her

When I fell in love with RuPaul’s Drag Race, it was a mess. It was chaos. The queens came onto that show with no expectation of fame or fortune. Sure, Drag Race would boost their profile and help them get bigger bookings, but at best they’d be gay famous for  a circle of fans who watched and at worst they had a good experience of being on a small telly show. Because of the level of the show being less on the world stage, the queens cared less about being messy and ruthless. Nowadays, Drag Race is an empire that can easily make a household name of its cast – and with huge social media followings and a rabid fandom hanging in the balance queens come onto the show nearah nuff (had to) on their best behaviour. But there’s an exception: Melinda Verga from Canada’s Drag Race is singlehandedly making this show feel like the good old days, and all we can do is thank her. Here’s a loving ode to the chaos of Melinda Verga on season four of Canada’s Drag Race.

First of all, this is how she entered the competition. I mean this with all the love and respect in the world, but it’s giving Bailey J Mills. But unlike Bailey J Mills, The Verga entered here truly believing she was serving a winning look – not knowing the camp cheap brilliance of it. It is the level of delusion all of us can only inspire to have.

This tweet really sums up the vibe of not only this look, but the entire legacy of Melinda Verga.

RuPaul truly does have to meet her. It’s a matter of urgency.

But things have really upped the ante with Melinda Verga over the past two episodes. At the end of the design challenge, Melinda Verga was in the bottom and saw red because she genuinely thought she was in the top because she wore a bit of check print and claimed it was Vivienne Westwood inspired. She also slandered the judges and demanded not to be saved because she was sick of the competition. Kiki Coe saved her anyway, which is genuinely hilarious.

The fury in Melinda Verga’s face throughout this entire saga makes her look like a vampire from Buffy. It’s truly hypnotic. Anyway, Melinda is saved and as last week’s Snatch Game episode begins the argument still rages on. It absolutely ERUPTS. Denim asks why Melinda was saved when she made a fuss about wanting to go home, and Melinda says her mindset has changed. The producers then GET HER with a ’43 minutes earlier’ flashback. I’m crying.

Venus then calls out Melinda saying “You either show up and do the f*cking challenge, or go home. You can’t ever say that again.”

Melinda flips her lid and screams. She throws a glass and storms off. I mean, just watch this chaos:

What makes this all even better, though – is usually when a queen behaves like this, she’s off out the competition. But Melinda Verga goes on to smash Snatch Game out of the park and secure a win!? It’s a wild journey and trajectory that just helps Canada’s Drag Race go from strength to strength – we need characters like Melinda Verga in this franchise. She makes Twitter come alive, she makes the fandom have something to bring us together.

God bless The Verga. I am perched to see whatever the hell she does next.

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