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A concise rundown of all the Starfield lore you need to know before the game releases

The most fun history homework ever

The release date for Bethesda’s hugely hyped, “Skyrim in space” game Skyfield is finally mere weeks away after what feels like decades of impatience waiting for it. And let’s face it, it looks incredible. One look at any gameplay trailer or insightful direct from the developers and it’s clear to see it’s just going to be one of those games that all encompassingly takes over ever crumb of my life. I am going to pump hours into Starfield, and you know full well that you are too. Bethesda has kindly released a big dump of timeline lore that tracks the 300 years prior to the game, so when we all jump in with our character we’ve got some scope of the kind of world we’ll be playing in. Here’s a helpful rundown of the Starfield lore, in the simplest of ways possible.

2050 – Humans arrive on Mars

Nearly 300 years before the game, basically. That’s when in Starfield the human race finally starter living anywhere but Earth.

2056 – Humans arrive further away, on Alpha Centauri

That’s 4.37 million light years from Earth right now, by the way.

2159 – The first of the major colonies is formed: The United Colonies

The capital, New Atlantis, is founded two years later in 2161.

2167 – The Cheyenne system and Solomon Coe

Solomon Coe arrives in the Cheyenne system and founds Akila City. Together with an alliance with Volii, another system, Coe finds The Freestar Collective faction who run themselves independently to The United Colonies in 2188.

2194 – Narion system

The Narion system resents The United Colonies after the latter places a space station in their system. United Colonies refuse to remove it and Narion joins up with Freestar.

2196 – Narion War begins

2216 – Narion War ends

And the Treaty of Narion is signed by The United Colonies and Freestar Collective. The term “Settled Systems” is formalised within it.

2221 – The Freestar Rangers are founded

Via Bethesda

2275 – The organisation Constellation is founded

Their headquarters are The Lodge in New Atlantis. Constellation exists with a commitment to unlocking the secrets of the galaxy.

2307 – Colony War begins

United Colonies claim that Freestar have violated the Treaty of Narion because they start farming on a planet called Vesta. United Colonies slaughter anyone left working on Vesta and the Colony War begins.

2311 –  Colony War ends

2315 – United Colonies Vanguard founded

Basically functions as a private navy where people use their own ships to defend The United Colonies in exchange for citizenship.

2319-2328 – Various major characters in the game join Constellation

A lot of key players who assumingly will be key to the Starfield lore and story join Constellation in these years, including Sarah Morgan who becomes its leader.

And that’s the Starfield lore you need to know! For now, at least. I reckon the rest will be found in game like you could learn from all of Skyrim’s MANY books.

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