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Love Island closed off

Right, what does ‘closed off’ actually mean and why do Love Islanders keep saying it?

Just say exclusive like the rest of us!

Every year, Love Islanders find a new phrase to shove down our gobs, and for Love Island 2023 they’ve decided to bring in “closed off”. In Love Island this year, it is a term the Islanders are addicted to saying. In food trend terms, it’s the new pulled pork. But what the hell does closed off mean? Is it the same as exclusive or is it a new level of dating stage that comes before it? Do we now have to go open, closed off, exclusive, official? Let’s dive into it, shall we?

The closed off saga

Right now, closed off is on the Islanders lips as they reel from the outcome of Casa Amor. The only couples who were officially closed off were Ella and Tyrique. Tyrique didn’t dabble in Casa Amor much, but Ella started to get to know Ouzy and brought him back to the villa with her as a new couple. Tyrique was furious at this, because they were closed off. Ella justified it by thinking Tyrique would have got to know a new girl because Tyrique had explored other options in the main villa when she hadn’t with the lads.

Tyrique reacted like Ella had just cheated on their long term relationship, but everyone seems completely split on what kind of commitment closed off is. If it’s the same as exclusive, then why not call it that? If you need to be as faithful as you would be if you were in an official relationship – why not just say you’re a committed item? The lines be blurry, and with this comes frustration and useless words.

On the other hand, if closed off means nothing why did Ella even say yes to it? On some level, she knows that her and Tyrique were somewhat committed or she wouldn’t feel as bad about it as she clearly does?

What do I personally think closed off means? In the context of Love Island, I think it means that if a bombshell came in and said they wanted to get to know you you’d tell them it will be on a friends only basis because you’re closed off with someone. It’s not exclusive in the sense that if you did end up having your head turned, it wouldn’t be catastrophic.

Personally I just think the Love Island cast should sack off closed off as a term and say exclusive. We know where we’re at with exclusive, and then journalists like me wouldn’t have to spend three hours after an episode racking my brain about how best to describe such a term. Give us a break, guys.

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