You might hate Georgia Steel, but she’s the only reason we’re watching Love Island All Stars

Love her, loathe her… But make sure you thank her for the good TV

To say Georgia Steel has caused nothing but uproar during her tenure in the Love Island All Stars villa would be almost an understatement. The carnage she’s wreaked has been huge, and the ramifications felt by pretty much every Islander in there. Obviously, I, like most viewers, think Georgia is totally in the wrong. But whilst she may be deserving of all this criticism, let’s not get it twisted – she’s the best thing about the show and the reason we’re all still watching. For better or for worse, Georgia Steel runs Love Island All Stars.

If you’re a viewer after my own heart, over the last week or so you’d probably considered checking out from Love Island All Stars. Despite a decent-ish start and a nice cast, and a good confrontation bit between Anton and Mitch, the season has been a wet lettuce. It just hasn’t hit. No one seems very arsed about any of their romantic connections – mainly because the show at its best thrives when it shows people who don’t know each other falling in love and building connections. Not when it shows influencers who already are all mates and could just date each other outside of the villa if they wanted to pretending to be into each other.


But that hasn’t stopped Georgia from causing hell in a handbasket. Pretty much the only reason to be watching Love Island All Stars is to see whether the endless web of lies Georgia Steel has spun will result in her being caught up in it. And obviously, sticking it on every night proved worthwhile because the PDAs movie night episode was one of the best reality TV comeuppances you could ever hope to watch. The only reason Love Island All Stars got good was because of Georgia Steel – and whatever you think of her, that’s literally a fact.

Something that winds me up in general about UK audiences watching reality TV is we get annoyed by villains and people being wrong and then vote them off, even though they’re the reason we’re enjoying watching. You see it on Big Brother, you see it on Love Island. It’s really tedious. And it’s also tedious to see the family of Georgia Steel having to write about her getting trolled on Georgia’s socials and the kind of messages they’re having to deal with. You can hate how someone behaves on the TV, but just sag that behaviour off to your mates like a normal person.

It doesn’t matter to me how the villa resolves their issues with Georgia – all I care about is being entertained every night. The only reason we’re getting the e-word is Georgia Steel. End of.

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