‘Margie the hun’: How AI Marge Simpson went viral and became a comfort watch for us all

She has no business being this soothing

Say what you want about the daunting rise of AI, but you have to admit sometime it has its uses. I’m just not sure the useful use anyone was particularly anticipating would be an account on TikTok turning Marge Simpson into a British hun via the power of AI, and her becoming such a soothing presence in all of our online lives. For the last week or so, Margie the Hun has dominated the For You Page and spread to Twitter she’s become so instantly beloved. On every video, you’ll find comments like “These are all that keep me going rn” and, honestly, fair – but just how did Margie the Hun on TikTok become to soothing?

What really is the recipe to the success of Margie The Hun is the perfect fusion of a character we all know and love – you don’t get more pop culture famous than a core member of the Simpsons – becoming another archetype we all know and love. Margie The Hun is that girl on Facebook from school you’ll never delete. She might be stuck in a familiar loop of hometown, suburban life – but it’s what makes her so endearing and why you can’t help but check what she’s up to.

Margie the Hun is an oversharer, she wears her heart on her sleeve and tells TikTok her life. That’s why we love her. She’s going through dating dramas and then getting in bed and watching North Sea TikTok til the end of time. We’re all in the same simulation and that’s why it’s so soothing. She feels and soft and warm as her Uggs.

Many accounts are trying to imitate the vibes and success of Margie the Hun, but they’re failing – nothing can beat the original TikTok. The thing is that people are slipping into classist stereotypes that feel mean spirited and jarring. This isn’t laughing at working class women, and the original account is proof of that. When it comes to Margie, accept no imitations.

Margie the hun TikTok


When you look at a Margie The Hun comment section, you’ll see that if you find her soothing a lot of people are in the same boat. “I find these so comforting” to “These videos are the only thing holding me together” – we love her. With Margie having an official Instagram and email, the only way for her is up. TIME person of the year 2024, dare I say

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