Drag Race power ranking: Which queen from season 15 is going to snatch the crown?

Mistress Isabelle Brooks hive rise up!

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 is well into its second half at this point, and despite the backlash surrounding the MTV move and the shorter episodes not showcasing the queens as well as the fans AND the competitors would have liked, the season in my opinion has still maintained a fun likability thanks to the old school vibes of some queens who make the show feel like it did back in its messier, early days. To establish where we’re at in the competition, here’s my power ranking of where all the Drag Race season 15 queens are at in the run up to the final, taking into account judges critiques and just my opinion!

8. Salina EsTitties

Salina EsTitties’ track record on Drag Race season 15 is the worst of all the queens currently, with two bottom two placements and a low safe. No wins, and at this stage in the competition with a fashion taste level not quite at par with the rest of the queens and it’s not looking like she’s snatching the crown any time soon! We wish her well though, she’s a fierce lip syncer.

7. Loosey LaDuca

Loosey’s own desire to win is her own nemesis in this competition because it’s becoming truly insufferable. She’s a great queen but I think she thinks she’s been, without a shadow of a doubt, robbed of five wins or something. In the words of Gia Gunn, “What you wanna do isn’t necessarily what you’re GONNA do.”

6. Malaysia Babydoll Foxx

Malaysia has been a really fun presence this season, but is yet to bag a win – if she wants to climb up the Drag Race power ranking as we edge towards the finale she needs to start racking up them season 15 wins.

5. Marcia Marcia Marcia

Marcia Marcia Marcia is another queen who needs an urgent win, like Malaysia she’s yet to bag any. What gives Marcia x3 the edge in my opinion though is she’s had bigger highs in challenges – her Ross Matthews talent show antics alone made her one to watch even if her runways have been… Threadbare.

4. Luxx Noir London

Honestly, what a queen. This is the kind of confidence everyone should aspire to have, because Luxx is unshakeable. She’s not even stuttered in this competition once and she’s a force to be reckoned with. I do think we’ve seen a lot of her shtick before with other queens in past seasons and the fashion comparables are definitely fair – but she’s still an absolute force and worthy fourth place.

3. Anetra

In many ways, this season will be defined by Anetra. “You better walk that fucking duck” is a Drag Race moment for the ages, and she was the instant one to watch for season 15. She’s got a win but placed high many times, and I’d have given her a second win a couple of times over other queens who bagged it. Honestly, this top four that I’m hedging my bets on are so great.

2. Sasha Colby

Mama Colby finally entered the Drag Race Werk Room for season 15, and considering she’s devoured exactly like we always wanted her to on season 15, I’m sure many would have her atop their power ranking. And that would be fair. Every runway has been perfect, she’s never wavered and she’s never faltered. She will probably win – the first queen to two wins. But there’s just one queen I’ve fallen a little bit more in love with…

1. Mistress Isabelle Brooks

I’m just … obsessed. Mistress Isabelle Brooks makes me feel like I’m watching the chaotic Drag Race of yore with her hijinks, and I really hope she goes all the way and snatches the crown to become the first ever big girl winner of the mainline US franchise. She deserves all her accolades – and nobody expected her to come into this competition and be such an icon but she’s savage, old school AND new school. Give her another few wins and that crown.

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