A guide on how to watch every film nominated for an Oscar this year in the UK

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There are so many films nominated across categories for the Academy Awards 2024, and it can be hard to keep track of where to see all the movies up for an Oscar. This year I’ve been pretty good and got loads boxed off – I’ve two to watch in the Best Picture category and still got over a month to get them done. If you need a handy guide of where to get everything watched, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where to watch the films nominated for Oscars before the Academy Awards 2024.


Poor Things

Yorgos Lanthimos’ masterpiece, Emma Stone’s best ever performance and a Ruffalo accent that needs to be heard to be believed only released in the cinema in January here in the UK and you’ll still find loads of showings for it.

Anatomy of a Fall

Justine Triet’s legal drama is still showing in select cinemas – or you can do what I’m about to do: Rent it for a fiver on YouTube.

The Holdovers

Don’t even start me off on why this Christmassy masterpiece got a delayed release in the UK. Should have been released over the festive period because, well, it’s Christmassy. But watch it anyway. You won’t be disappointed.


Wildly enough you can still catch some showings of Oppenheimer in the cinema over six months later from when it first released. And to be honest, it’s the only way to see it and do Nolan’s epic justice.


Like its Barbenheimer partner in crime, a film this popular still gets cinema showings now – but they’re few and far between.


Killers of the Flower Moon (Apple)

I watched Martin Scorsese’s very long epic last night finally – it’s an Apple movie and is streaming on Apple TV. You need to see it. Lily Gladstone is life changing.

Maestro (Netflix)

A long slog this one, with an annoying performance from Bradley Cooper – but Carey Mulligan’s great in it and you can see it streaming on Netflix everywhere.


Oscars 2024 where to watch films

Past Lives

Celine Song’s masterpiece is my pick for Best Picture, and if you’ve not seen it you need to – prepare to weep eternally because it’s so moving. It’s available to rent on Apple, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

Anatomy of a Fall

It’s available to rent on Apple, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.


Again, all three platforms above allow you to rent Barbie.


Guess what three places you can rent it? No but seriously, get to the cinema.


Oscars 2024 where to watch films

The Zone of Interest (2nd February)

I’ve seen a preview of The Zone of Interest in cinemas already, so you might be lucky and be able to catch Jonathan Glazer’s truly harrowing film screened early but the official release date is 2nd Feb.

American Fiction (2nd February)

Cord Jefferson’s drama-comedy gets a cinematic release on 2nd Feb here in the UK. Rest assured I will be SEATED.


A very handy guide to where to watch all the films nominated for Oscars 2024 in the UK comes from this user of Twitter / X, who has put together an even more detailed guide so you can truly get everything boxed off.

Let the viewing party commence!

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