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Every season of Drag Race that came out in 2022, ranked from worst to best

I can’t believe we got 12 seasons in A YEAR?

In 2022, the world was blessed with 12 seasons of Drag Race across the globe – which is absolutely mental when you think about the fact that less than 10 years ago we literally got one a year. Drag Race airs almost weekly now – you’d be hard pressed to find a seven day period where we weren’t blessed with a new episode. With Drag Race airing so frequently, let’s face it: Not every season can bang. Here are all 12 seasons of Drag Race we got in 2022, ranked from worst to best.

12. Secret Celebrity Drag Race

I hate The Masked Singer with all my heart and soul, and by default I then also hate this reboot of the formula that is pretty much Ru’s version of The Masked Singer. The queens were fun, though.

11. Drag Race France

The queens were great, but this season never fully clicked with me. Sorry! Nicky Doll kind of killed her first hosting gig, though – and I love that for her.

10. Drag Race Italia season two

The Gaga rusical was great, and this season was a major improvement over season one – but I think I’ve just had to conclude that the Italian franchise of Drag Race ain’t it.

9. Drag Race Philippines

2022 Drag Race ranked

Simultaneously a mess and a serve, with one of the best casts in franchise history. We wish it well, can’t wait to see where World of Wonder take this one.

8. Canada Vs the World

2022 Drag Race ranked

The biggest problem with this one is it was over before it began! The six episode formula of Vs the World just leaves me unsatisfied, and couple that with Icesis having to leave and not winning again means the end just felt a bit bungled in my opinion. But, a great cast and some amazing runways and lovely, lovely vibes all round.

7. UK Vs the World

Drag Race 2022 ranked

Drag Race 2022 ranked

Drag Race 2022 ranked

Drag Race Down Under season two improved on the evil, evil, season one in every way. It’s still a bit messy, but the drama was good and Spankie Jackzon is an absolute icon who we are all blessed to have in our lives.

5. Drag Race UK season four

Drag Race 2022 ranked

Everyone thought Drag Race UK season four was going to be up there with season two, and whilst it was nowhere near that level it still was a season with a great cast that just felt crap in the middle after we lost Sminty, Baby, Le Fil and Dakota.

4. Canada’s Drag Race season three

Drag Race 2022 ranked

We thank the gods above for the mere existence of Miss Fiercalicious.

3. RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14

Drag Race season 14 had all the length of season 13, but none of the slog. An amazing cast, endless iconic moments and loads of talent made it a later season that was a consistent joy. Bit of a surprise success!

2. Drag Race España season two

Drag Race 2022 ranked

Drag Race España is what happens when you take an outstanding cast, insane levels of talent and a great judging panel and make a tv season. Everything is just phenomenal. The talent show???? The RUNWAYS. The rusical? Jurijee!!! I love this season so much and it deserves every bit of hype that it got. Run, don’t walk, to watching it right now.

1. All Stars 7

I mean, could it be anything else? A cast of legends all being the legends we knew they were. Every episode is just a joy. A triumph, and the highest ranked season of Drag Race from 2022 with ease.

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