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One month on: Everything the Big Brother 2023 girlies have been up to

Yinrun and her boyfriend’s TikTok era is too cute

The girlies of Big Brother 2023 made the season what it was – even if the eventual winner was Jordan. He’s the people’s princess in a different way, but the girls of Big Brother are the ones I can’t stop keeping up with. Since they all met up for a joint slay last night at Pretty Little Thing’s Christmas party, it’s a perfect time to see what the Big Brother girls have been doing since they walked out the house.


Yinrun was an instant fan fave this year, and she’s continued that since leaving the house. She’s gone to events like the rest of the housemates, but has carved out a good niche on social media. She tries British foods on TikTok with her boyfriend Luke, does Cooking With Yinrun and is just generally good at creating content that keeps her in the mind of people. She’s just so sweet.

She’s been hanging out with all the upstairs gang too – Matty, Trish, Jordan, Henry and Noky.


Noky has the most glam Instagram on earth, and since leaving the house she’s been killing every premiere red carpet she’s been invited to. You just have to wow.


Honest to god, I don’t think Olivia has had a night in since she left the house. She has had a wild one. Most recently she had a welcome home party back in Scotland and ofc had the time of her life.


Considering Hallie left Big Brother quite early, she’s one of the girls most active at events. She’s been all over doing interviews and glam PR events, rocking about with other housemates and even went to Liverpool for the weekend to party with Paul. Queen.


Chanelle has been partying too, but also went back to life as a dental therapist which I really rate. Good on her!

The PLT Christmas party

Huge slays were had as the Big Brother girls came together for Christmas last night. I can’t get over Yinrun in her Westwood necklace. Mother behaviour.

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