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Brett from Love Island is dragging Paige after she signs on to be new Shein ambassador

‘Working for Shein is an awful career move, and I’d look at Paige’s management for giving her terrible advice’

Outspoken sustainable fashion advocate Brett Staniland from Love Island 2021 is dragging Paige Thorne on TikTok after the 2022 Islander signs up to be the latest face of Shein – a fast fashion brand infamous for mass overproduction and cheap churn of products that harm the environment.

In a new TikTok, Brett says “Paige from Love Island is the latest Shein ambassador. Paige Thorne is the latest in a long line of reality TV stars to partner with fast fashion, and this time it’s everyone’s least favourite: Shein. Since leaving the villa, Paige as done very few ads on social media but has worked with the likes of New Look and Forever Unique.


No job is worth taking when it is with an brand that harms people and the planet. Well done to the activists last weekend at the pop-up store. Awareness is key, but I refuse to believe you can now be ignorsnt to all these issues woth Shein & fast fashion. Exploitation is rife and you only help the brand further exploit by giving them even more platforms to advertise on. #shein #haul #twinbrett #sustainability #slowfashion #exploitation #fastfashion

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“Shein are renowned for the exploitation of people in the supply chain, massive overproduction and incredible churn of products and Uyghur labour. Shein has been ramping up their activations in Britain and this collaboration forms part of that. Over the weekend, they launched a pop up store in London.

“However, the pop up store was hijacked by protesters educating the public on Shein’s operations and the findings from the Channel 4 documentary Inside the Shein Machine, which shows garment makers earning three pence per item.

“I for one think working for Shein is an awful career move, and I’d look at Paige’s management for giving her terrible advice. I don’t know if this is the direction she always wanted to go in or if the money was just too attractive to ignore. We must collectively move away from supporting exploitative giants like Shein, helping them grow even further and use us to greenwash their reputation.”

Paige Thorne is yet to respond to her Love Island alumni Brett making this video.

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