Black Mirror Loch Henry plot hole

People are pointing out a plot hole in Black Mirror’s Loch Henry that ruins season six

I don’t know what to believe anymore

Another day, another Black Mirror plot hole out to ruin your day, month, year and life. Last week fans had pointed out plot holes in Beyond the Sea and in Mazey Day – and now there’s another one that throws season six of Black Mirror up in the air. This plot hole in the very dark Black Mirror episode Loch Henry has thrown the lore of the show out the window – and I’m irritated!

Netflix or Streamberry?

As shown in Joan Is Awful, the world of Black Mirror has a huge streaming service called Streamberry that looks and sounds and feels exactly like Netflix. The impression this gives is that Streamberry is that world’s version of Netflix, but in Loch Henry when Davis and Pia are at the pub with Stuart he talks about a murder doc on Netflix. But in the end, Davis’ film goes on to debut as a Streamberry production.

Fans on Reddit have been discussing why this is. One says “Had a theory that Netflix and Streamberry already exist in the same universe, like Netflix and Hulu, but at different times.” Another pointed out that we know Netflix exists in the show’s universe because it was in Bandersnatch and mentioned in Black Museum.

To me, it feels odd because of how much Streamberry is clearly modelled on the aesthetic and layout of Netflix. One Black Mirror Loch Henry plot hole explanation theory that kind of validates it is that Netflix could have become outdated so Streamberry bought and took over it, focussing on the AI model shown in Joan Is Awful. I dunno though, all feels a bit patchy to me!

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