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Black Mirror Mazey Day plot hole

People have noticed a major error in Black Mirror’s Mazey Day and it’s driving me mad

The worst episode ever just got even worse

Any fans of the Mazey Day episode from Black Mirror season six out there? No? Didn’t think so. Easily the worst episode of the season, potentially the worst Black Mirror ep ever made. And I do not say that lightly – it’s just a mess. Now fans have noticed a major plot hole error in the episode which just makes Black Mirror Mazey Day even worse than we already thought it was. Here’s the full plot hole explained.

It’s all to do with the camera

Obviously, the whole plot of Mazey Day is centred around the camera because this episode is about the ethics of paparazzi culture, specifically in the early 00s when the episode is set. I mean, that’s what it’s about until the final twist. The episode centres on Bo, who at one point near the start of the episode is taking photographs of an actor having some secret romance, but here’s where the big error comes into play.

One keen Black Mirror fan with an eye for cameras pointed out “Okay this will annoy zero other people but in this black mirror episode the camera is making a noise to indicate that the autofocus is locked on but she is still moving a ring on the lens for like no reason.”

So basically, the show undermines itself greatly by having a character who’s clearly meant to be an expert photographer have no idea how to use her own camera properly. The plot hole in Black Mirror Mazey Day is all the confirmation I need to say this episode should have been left on the writer’s room floor.

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