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Thomas MAFS UK 2023

Thomas has revealed he nearly quit MAFS UK because of ‘manipulative castmates’

He also said a lot of the cast ‘can’t be trusted’

Thomas Kriaras from MAFS UK 2023 has shared that at one point during the process he almost quit the show due to the behaviour of his casemates, branding them “manipulative and competitive”. Absolutely savage.

Thomas is married to Rozz on the show, and on the last aired episode we saw them commit to staying in the process to work on their connection and get things going forward after a less than thrilling sexual encounter the night before, when the two finally consummated their marriage.

But now Thomas has shared he nearly left MAFS UK 2023 altogether. Speaking to The Sun, Thomas explained how he nearly quit the show during the first few weeks of filming .”There definitely were points where I wanted to quit, I just thought ‘This is not for me,’ I couldn’t cope with manipulation coming from other cast members. I am not going to name names, but there there was a pressure from other cast members to push you out because they didn’t want to be the first one’s out.”

He wouldn’t divulge the names of who he was referring to here, but counted out Rozz and pals Jay and Luke. “They would use what you said in confidence to them against you by bringing it up on camera at a later point. It made you realise that some people are your friends and some people are there for the TV

“I think some people just couldn’t help the competitive aspect. I was just trying to focus on my relationship with Ros, but I was so surprised by how some people were trying to get between others. It hurt me to see that. You really feel exposed at times, like everyone is coming for you.”

“Ros and I were there because it was exciting and we wanted to work on ourselves, and we became really good friends with Luke and Jay, but with some of the other people, I got the sense that they wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t being recorded for TV.”

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