Everything The Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion pack completely flopped on

Even horse girlies are bored

The latest Sims 4 expansion, Horse Ranch, has debuted with more of a sluggish trot than a hefty gallop. It’s fair to say most of us Simmers have fatigue when it comes to DLC for the game, but with this one it feels more pronounced than ever. Why should we fork out another hefty fee for more content for a game that’s nearly 10 years old? We’re so tired, EA. Tired and skint. Of course, Sims 4 Horse Ranch is no masterpiece – here’s everything the pack should have done better.

No unicorns?

Every time horses have been in Sims games previously, players can also make their horse a unicorn. In The Sims 4 Horse Ranch pack, EA have let players just put a unicorn hat on their horses. Brilliant.

Endless rabbit hole experiences

One of the big gameplay elements of Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion pack is that the main competitions you can do with your horses is just a rabbit hole experience. Players don’t get to do anything gameplay wise, it’s completely shallow. The best thing you can do is watch your Sim trot about on their horse. This is an EXPANSION PACK, not a game pack. I want my game to feel enriched, not have a little sheen over it. It feels money making.

No clothes for kids

Shock. SHOCK. This is meant to be a family ranch gameplay pack not just adults! Give us some kids and toddlers clothes I beg.

What’s the point if you’ve got Cottage Living?

Cottage Living enhances Horse Ranch but like, Cottage Living gives me all the farm fun I need. I’m not a horse girly, so maybe this pack is just not for me – but I really think we’re better than this and think we could have more originality. This used to come bundled in with pets, so why are we spending so much and splitting packs up?

Horses hardly go to their bed

So annoying… Just go in your stable, babe. They’re on their own agenda and it’s frustrating.

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