Lord Sugar says he’s ‘underestimated’ and replacing him would ‘kill The Apprentice off’

Humble as ever

Ever wonder what The Apprentice would be like without Lord Sugar? Well if it was up to Alan himself it wouldn’t be worth making at all. Lord Sugar has spoken out about what he thinks about the future of the show if he were to leave, and if it would go on after him – basically he thinks it would be a pile of crap if he wasn’t there. Humble!

Speaking to The Sun, Lord Sugar said about his time helming The Apprentice: “I don’t want to sound too big-headed but a lot of people underestimate me. They hear me talking like a cockney, but I know everything, I really do. I’m not degrading people like (Drag­­ons’ Den, well, dragon) Peter Jones, because they’ve done a lot also. But none of them have done as much as I have.

“Who would I put in my place? I can’t think of anybody. There’s loads of people that would queue up. There’s no reason why I can’t go on to do 25 years. I’m very fit, so I don’t know whether it stops at 20. But if I ever did stop, I get a feeling the BBC wouldn’t stop it.

“I think it should be, “Thank you very much, it’s been great, but maybe in ten years’ time we’ll bring it back” like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, but with different characters hosting.”

He also told The Sun replacing him with anybody else would “Kill the show off.” Hard luck Molly-Mae!

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