Apprentice power ranking: Naturally, they made an absolute dog’s dinner out of it

Catch me NOT feeding Megan’s mealworm slush to my puppy

As the owner of two extremely iconic and frighteningly greedy labradors, I was perched to see what kind of shitshow the candidates would brew up on dog food week. Thankfully, they didn’t let me down! It was an unorganised and chaotic mess with food I literally think my Vincent and my Bailey would turn their snout up at – bearing in mind I’ve literally watched them take a nibble of and then had to drag them off a pile of horse manure. The bar is in hell. Anyway, the final task before the interviews – here’s the 2023 Apprentice power ranking for week 10!

6. Dani

Apprentice 2023 power ranking 10


Hate to do it, but it was not her week. Bad vibes in the boardroom, and she’s been on thin ice for the last few weeks even though I loved her so much at the start?

5. Megan

Apprentice 2023 power ranking week 10


Cannot believe I’m not ranking my queen atop the entire list for once, but if I take my personal investment in her success aside I really think she was the worst this week. No direction! The food was slush! Oh come on darlin!

4. Rochelle

Apprentice 2023 power ranking 10


And Ar Roch is still hear I guess! Truly have no clue how this mid queen has blagged her way to the interviews week in, week out – never place anywhere higher than the middle of our Apprentice 2023 power ranking and is sitting on week 10 in her bang average seat as per. Quite camp how neutral she is at everything, and I love that she’s the best chef in the group. Quite mother when you think about it!

3. Victoria


I really feel like every time she wins it’s an accident. Iconic green skirt suit made a return though, and we should celebrate that. The Gale Weathers of The Apprentice.

2. Marnie


She kind of scares the living shit out of me but I actually think she had a good week. I don’t know why that evil woman was acting like she genuinely thought dogs were making the food? Stop being so literal! Or cocky icon Marnie will come down on your like a ton of bricks!

1. Simba


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