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Beckham Netflix celebs

From Roy Keane to Anna Wintour: All the wild celeb cameos in Netflix’s Beckham doc

Of course Mel C pops up

Netflix has finally released their hugely anticipated limited series, Beckham – a four part doc featuring the footballer and his family raw and uncut, tracking their insane rise to fame and getting a peek inside their lives. Beckham on Netflix is absolutely stacked celeb cameos from celebs, from the Beckham’s friends to the likes of Anna Wintour. Here’s a roundup of who you’re gonna see.

Sir Alex Ferguson

The legendary Manchester United manager is in the doc, talking about his fatherly relationship with David Beckham in the early days of his football career and also discusses more about the breaking down of their relationship in the years to come.

Via Netflix

Director is Fisher Stevens – AKA Hugo from Succession

A very random crossover. He speaks quite a bit in the doc to the Beckhams, and you can hear it!

Eric Cantona

The legendary Manchester United player played with Beckham in the 90s.

Ronaldo Nazario

The two also played for United together.

Anna Wintour

Very random, but The Wintour arrives to say she put the Spice Girls on the cover of Vogue because her daughter loved them.

Paul Scholes

Both Paul Scholes and Beckham were in Alex Ferguson’s ‘Fergie Fledglings’ of up and coming successful football players raised to greatness by Sir Alex.

Paul Ince

Shock – another Man U teammate!

Roy Keane

The Keane! Via Netflix

Roy Keane pops in to share some outrage over an outlandish purchase Beckham made circa their time together playing for Man United.

Mel C

Of course Mel C pops up. She’d go to the opening of a packet of crisps. Mel’s in episode one chronicling those early days of Posh and Becks falling in love and becoming a cultural phenomenon.

Gary Neville

Honestly, Gary Neville pretty much steals the show. He’s kind of the funniest man alive. As the Robin to Beckham’s Batman in the 90s footie days, he’s got all the anecdotes.

To see all the cameos of celebs yourself, Beckham is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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