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Amanda Tori Meating Drag Race

The world is shook at these old pictures of Amanda Tori Meating before Drag Race

Don’t let Plane Jane see this

On season 16 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, there’s one queen who no one can keep out of their mouths. Amanda Tori Meating. With a name like that, how could you not get obsessed? I mean, Plane Jane didn’t get the memo, but still. It’s only been three episodes of Drag Race and Amanda Tori Meating has proved herself to be an icon in and out of drag, with all that rough and ready makeup and high concept looks and just put fun drag silliness. Now a picture of Amanda Tori Meating pre Drag Race and potentially pre drag at all has surfaced online and everyone is shook at how different she looks.

Update: Following this story’s publication, Amanda Tori Meating has come out as a trans woman. We have updated pronouns accordingly.

In an old video from the YouTube channel of Amanda Tori Meating, she can be seen out of drag and way before Drag Race was in the pipeline giving it musical theatre realness – assumingly for an audition or showreel.

The visuals of Amanda are apparently from her days at college. It’s crazy how she look so pedestrian – now she’s such a memorable character with their 80s style bleach blonde hair at shoulder length and striking fashion sense. It’s wild, she really blossomed.

Whilst being on the show, Amanda has charmed everyone with her hilarious personality and iconic talent show performance – and has come into clashes with Plane Jane both on the main show and in Untucked.

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