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We got a relationship expert to rank the MAFS UK couples by compatibility and it’s savage

‘They are very different people who don’t seem to connect on an emotional level’

With MAFS UK now back on its third week, and already so many of the eight couples are well and truly on the rocks after getting married at first sight. Last night’s ep saw Shona and Brad start to crumble, after being fully loved up for the first two weeks – where some couples got stronger. With that in mind, a Heart Bingo relationship expert and founder of the dating app So Syncd Louella Alderson has ranked for us all the MAFS UK couples of 2023, by how compatible they truly are.

8. Nathanial and Ella

“Ella and Nathanial are the least compatible couple. After an incredibly strong start at the altar, where Ella and Nathanial both expressed their excitement to be matched with each other, things quickly took a turn for the worse. During their honeymoon, Nathanial saw a different side to Ella he didn’t like.

“Authenticity is clearly very important to Nathanial, and he felt like Ella hadn’t been genuine. He’s felt like Ella puts on a show for the cameras and overreacts. This has caused tension between the couple, and they have been struggling to find common ground since then. It looks like this could be a bumpy road for Ella and Nathanial, as they are very different people who don’t seem to connect on an emotional level.”

7. Terence and Porscha

“Porscha and Terence had a surprisingly good wedding, with some initial physical chemistry. Porscha came across as quite materialistic and shallow in her one-on-one interviews and she had strong opinions on what she wanted in a partner. But she was pleasantly surprised by Terence. The fact they both have children and were accepting of each other’s families was encouraging.

“However, some differences in their personalities and priorities could potentially cause issues in their relationship. Porscha’s expectations may not align with Terence’s more easy-going personality. Plus, Terence is a DJ who likes to party, while Porscha is more of a homebody who doesn’t drink. Their different lifestyles may prove to be a challenge in the long run, and it will be interesting to see how they navigate their differences.”

6. Peggy and Georges

“Georges and Peggy had a good initial attraction but there are a few red flags on Georges’ side. He can be arrogant, shallow, and disrespectful. He talks about having different sides to his personality but the sides we have seen so far aren’t very likeable. Peggy, on the other hand, seems genuine and open to finding love on MAFS. However, she has also expressed concern about Georges’ behaviour and how it may affect their relationship in the long run.

“Georges best man’s speech wasn’t very encouraging, and we have to wonder if he is truly ready for a committed marriage. It’s clear that they will need to work through some issues and see if they can find a balance in their dynamic.”

5. Rozz and Thomas

In fifth according to our relationship expert ranking the MAFS UK 2023 couples by compatibility are Tom and Rozz.

“There was no initial attraction between Rozz and Thomas and the awkwardness throughout their honeymoon was palpable. Thomas has clearly been hurt by his ex-girlfriend and has some trust issues, which has led to a guarded and closed-off approach in his marriage. Rozz, on the other hand, has asked for affection and romance from Thomas, but it doesn’t seem to be his natural way of expressing love.

“However, as the experiment progresses, we hope to see Rozz and Thomas open up more and find a way to effectively communicate their needs. They may not have had an instant connection, but with effort and understanding, they could potentially grow into a stronger couple.”

4. Laura and Arthur

“Laura and Arthur didn’t have the strongest start. Laura came across as superficial, and her dating standards seemed to reflect this. She had a clear idea of what she wanted and was clearly disappointed from first impressions. On the other hand, Arthur copied and pasted his vows and didn’t speak from the heart. He was also nervous and felt like he wasn’t being himself.

“However, as Laura and Arthur have opened up to each other and shared more about themselves, they have seen a different and deeper side of each other. Their connection is developing, and they are starting to appreciate each other’s unique qualities. This shows that first impressions aren’t always everything in a relationship, and it can be beneficial to take the time to get to know someone before making any judgments.”

3. Shona and Brad

“From what we have seen of Shona and Brad so far, they look like a great match. They are both spiritual individuals who have overcome past struggles. However, they have both taken these struggles and used them to grow and become better people. As open individuals, they have quickly connected with one another, and it looks like they are both ready to love and be loved.

“Paul described his perfect woman as someone who is open-minded, caring, generous and warm, which is exactly how Shona comes across. This couple has a lot in common, both in terms of their values and shared interests. The energy between them at their wedding was electric and all the family and friends were incredibly enthusiastic about the couple. I have high hopes for Shona and Brad’s relationship to flourish in the experiment.”

2. Tasha and Paul

“Tasha and Paul are another strong match who had an instant physical and emotional connection. When they described what they wanted in a partner, they were describing each other. They have similar morals and values, which makes for a great foundation for a relationship.

“Tasha and Paul are both emotionally intelligent and have good communication skills, which are crucial in a marriage. They both seem incredibly genuine and sincere, leading us to believe that they have a true shot at making their marriage work.”

1. Jay and Luke

The relationship expert ranked Jay and Luke the top when it comes to MAFS UK 2023 couples. “Jay and Luke are the strongest couple in the newest season of MAFS UK. They instantly hit it off and have had what looks like the best honeymoon. Not only this, but they share the same values when it comes to relationships — both are family-oriented and committed to building a strong partnership. They even have a similar sense of humour, which makes their connection all the more special.”

“Jay and Luke have had great sexual chemistry since the beginning, and they seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Hopefully this couple will go from strength to strength throughout the experiment.”

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