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Fortnite worst season

From boring loot to tree tops from hell, we’re suffering through Fortnite’s worst season

‘Never trusting a primal season ever again’

I have never got bored of Fortnite, really. Ever. I started playing the game in 2018 – in the midst of Season 3. I’m not sure how far into the season everyone was, but I was fully present and playing for the entire meteor countdown into Season 4. From then on, besides a little dip where I got bored in Season 7, I have relentlessly played every season of Fortnite and not been bored once. I love Fortnite. I love logging on and doing my dailys and weeklys. I love completing my Battle Pass, and I love seeing my favourite characters from pop culture enter the game as skins. I’ve pumped so much of my life into Fortnite – but I’ll say it – Chapter 4 Season 3 is the worst season of Fortnite in the history of the game. Here’s why.

Shaky start

If I’m honest, my general interest was waning during Chapter 4 Season 2. The whole futuristic Japan theme of season two was gorgeous, but I didn’t really like Mega City and the storyline quests weren’t engaging me at all. Fortnite storylines these days all seem to suggest at something big and destructive but it never lands – it goes nowhere and all we get is a cutscene at the start of a new season that writes everything away for a new season.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 should have resolved it – but we got the worst season ever instead. You’d have thought a Doctor Slone return would have given some focus and narrative and, well, importance to the season but instead it feels stagnant.

A crap event

Last year’s summer event was the most hated by fans in the game’s history – until now. Summer Escape 2023 is somehow even worse. It really felt like Epic Games just didn’t care at all. Where is the passion for these seasonal events these days? Even Fortnitemares and Winterfest feel like they get phoned in these days. Of course, it doesn’t help matters that Epic Games have been off on their summer break, leaving the game updateless and contentless.

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) July 18, 2023

One of the main reasons why, even when the gameplay feels a bit naff, you stick with a season of Fortnite is because you want to get through the Battle Pass and unlock everything. Besides a couple, that’s just not the case with this bunch of skins at all. They’re all completely under par and feel like item shop skins more than limited edition Battle Pass ones worthy of putting a graft in for. Optimus Prime at tier 100 is honestly a joke – just a big hunk of metal that nobody but die hard fans would ever want to play the game as.

It’s just… not fun

A big huge jungle biome shoved uglily in the middle of the map sums this season up – just chaos. Nothing flows, nothing feels fun and the map is annoying to navigate. The gun meta is not good. Wasps are the worst addition in ages. No one has the time to complete jungle biome puzzles to get loot mid match when they’ve made it as complex as they have.

Fans just aren’t happy. One savage Reddit fan said it best: “Little to no events, really bad map, horrible weapon meta, bunker build meta in no build mode, really bad battle pass skins compared to previous seasons, and a horrendous new milestone system. First season since Zero Build mode introduction that made me, [a] really active player, uninstall [the game] and [has me] genuinely not wanting to come back till next chapter.”

Epic Games has a job ahead of them getting the hype back for Chapter 4 Season 4 if they want to beat the worst season allegations. It isn’t looking good.

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