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‘£100k a day’ fee and private bedroom: Inside Sharon Osbourne’s Big Brother contract

She’s only there a week and she’s got the VIP treatment

Sharon Osbourne is, for obvious reasons, one of the most hotly discussed housemates in Celebrity Big Brother, with everyone fascinated by what her contract must consist of. Sharon isn’t a fully fledged housemate, but a “lodger” and her time in the house seems to have come with some significant perks not afforded to the other housemates. Here’s a look at the special treatment Sharon Osbourne is getting via her contract for her one week stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Claims of ‘£100k a day fee’

The Sun reported that Sharon will allegedly do a five day stint in the house after her full-time fee was rejected by ITV. The Sun writes that Sharon will get paid a whopping £100k a day for her five day time on the show, but this figure has now been rejected by Sharon Osbourne’s team who told The Metro – simply saying they’re “not true.”

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Private bedroom

Sharon gets her own private bedroom as “Big Brother’s lodger”, which is a special perk no other housemate gets. She gets her own suite, basically – and made Ekin-Su lead her to it last night. How is Louis going to cope without her when she goes for a kip!?

Shorter stint

Every other housemate has to endure around three weeks on the show, but not Ar Sharon. She’s only in there five days apparently, but some sources say a full week.

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