Victoria Beckham how posh

So how posh is Posh? Inside what Victoria Beckham’s childhood was actually like

At least we’ve now cleared up her dad drove a Rolls Royce to school

Victoria Beckham and the word Posh literally go hand in hand. For many years, it was her entire brand. But is Victoria Beckham née Adams even actually as posh as her Spice nickname would suggest? In the Beckham doc on Netflix, Victoria says her and David were both really working class – in a clip that’s now gone viral where David barges into the room and makes her declare what car her dad drove her to school in: a Rolls Royce. So how posh was Vicky B? Here’s if Victoria Beckham genuinely had a boujee childhood and if she is actually posh.

‘And I’m Victoria, Malcolm!’

Victoria Beckham was born pretty posh, in that small town middle class boujee way. She was born and raised in Goffs Oak in Hertfordshire. Her family ran an electronics business, which led the Adams family (lol) to have a comfortable lifestyle. She’s also the descendent of German artist and revolutionary called Carl Heinrich Pfänder and German politician William Pfaender.

Victoria Beckham is branded as Posh Spice because even though she wasn’t posh in the sense of being like, landed gentry, she was posh in contrast to the other girls in the band. Mels C and B were working class northerners, and Geri and Emma the same from down south. Vicky B had a nouveau riche lifestyle thanks to her family’s business having a big boom in the 80s. Still, she worked part time at Wickes hardware store before her serious pursuit of music.

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