Ken horses Barbie

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Ken from the Barbie film shares your Kenergy

Never forget that you are Kenough

After everyone was absolutely gagging to find out what Barbie from the Greta Gerwig movie they were in yesterday’s quiz, it felt only right to give Ken the exact same treatment today. The Barbie film obviously had a massive amount of iconic Barbies roaming through Barbieland, but almost equally in the spotlight even if they don’t know it are the vast array of Kens sauntering around waiting for Barbie to acknowledge them so they can breathe a bit easier and try and have a good day. Whilst the Kens don’t have anywhere near enough job diversity that the powerful Barbies have, they still are in constant competition to gain Barbie’s favour and are all bursting with personality. Until the Gosling Ken introduces them all to patriarchy and ruins Barbieland, they’re all just swell guys. This quiz will tell you exactly which Ken from the Barbie movie your overall Kenergy aligns with. And there’s a chaotic bunch to choose from.

After all, you are just Ken. But are you just Ken played by THEE Ryan Gosling, Shang Chi himself Simu Liu, of the actual Fifteenth Doctor and detty pig legend Ncuti Gatwa? Or perhaps the Ken you share the most Kenergy with is one of the more bizarre, discontinued varieties that lurk in the attic of Weird Barbie’s Weird House. There is simply only one way to find out if you’re Kenough once and for all – and that is by taking the quiz below as a matter of emergency.

Barbie is showing in cinemas everywhere now. 


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