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MAFS UK 2023 Instagrams

A nosy peek inside all the vibey Instagrams of the MAFS UK 2023 cast

Following them all so I can spend hours guessing who’s actually still together

Last night, MAFS UK came back on our screens and it’s already getting spicy with the usual bitchy Married at First Sight drama and tears – also known as, Laura flipping her lid because her groom isn’t from Chelsea. Now we know the cast and we’ve seen them all make their big entrances, you might want to have a peek into what they look like when they’re not filming for the most chaotic show this country has. Here’s a look inside the Instagrams of the MAFS UK 2023 cast!

Arthur – @arthurporemba

I feel like the promo pics did Arthur dirty because, and I’ll say it… His Instagram is fit.

Brad – @bradskelly

Tattooed king Brad has one of the best Instagrams of all the MAFS UK cast, to be honest. What the album cover is going on!

Georges – @georgesbert

I promise I’m not just writing this to thirst over the men but… Lord! That’s my man. Fittest in the cast dare I say? I do dare. FOLLOWED.

Luke – @lukeworley1

Luke’s said he’s just one of the lads and his Instagram kind of gives that vibe. Trying to find one where he’s not with the boys is a challenge. Nice vibes all round, though.

Nathanial – @nathanial.valentino

A very aesthetically pleasing Instagram here. Great smile. Envious of the teeth.

Paul – @libapaul96

A post shared by Terence Edwards (@terenceedwardshost)

Okay… when I said there was no cringe I might slightly have to bite my tongue on that one.

Thomas – @thomaskriaras

Might have to excuse the Tory vibes in favour of the handsome and the sunset aesthetic.

Ella – @ellamorganc

There isn’t a missed slay on Ella’s Instagram, but this one slaps hardest I fear. She’s killing the game.

Jay – @jay_howard

The northern baddie herself got to show everyone how fun she was with her wedding last night, and her Instagram is just as good vibes to be fair to her.

Laura – @laurajayvaughan

Quelle surprise: She’s in Chelsea.


Peggy LOVES a mirror selfie, we’d get on.

Porscha – @porscha.x

The Miami tourism board should use this sandy image on the posters because it’s made me want to go on holiday so badly.

Rosaline – @rozzdarlington

Rosaline is another one like Arthur who got done dirty by the MAFS UK photographer because her Instagram slays. I feel bad for saying she seems shy because she actually seems like a sweetheart. Forgive me, queen.

Shona – @shoniemandy

One of the best Instagrams of the entire MAFS UK cast I fear – Shona gobbles up every outfit and I’m living for it.

Tasha -@itstashajay

You know you’re slay when you can be in a plain two piece set at a park and look like a film star. An early contender for my fave in the cast, for real.

MAFS UK 2023 continues tonight on E4. For more like this and all the memes and gossip, like The Holy Church of MAFS on Facebook.

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