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Modelling campaigns, festivals and travelling: Inside Mollie’s life outside of The Traitors

I’m so envious of her holidays

No one got a rougher ride in The Traitors series two castle than Mollie Pearce – the final Faithful standing who got her faith well and truly squashed by chief Traitor and eventual winner Harry, who also happened to be her closest friend on the show. Mollie and Harry got to the final two as the two youngest on The Traitors series two, and it was hard to watch as Mollie watched her trust fall away. But what does Mollie get up to when she’s not on The Traitors? Mollie’s spoken a lot about her disability modelling whilst being on the show, but here’s a look inside the 21-year-old’s life when she’s not having her ability to trust shattered into a billion pieces.

She’s from Bristol (but didn’t shout FOR BRISTOLLL like Charlie)

Mollie lives in Bristol with her boyfriend Max. They’re both dead cute, to be honest.

Mollie works as a disability model

Mollie works as a disability model, and when she’s not modelling she’s also a healthcare assistant. She’s had a stoma bag for three years now, and posts openly about it on social media educating her followers and bringing awareness.

Speaking about it on Insta, Mollie said: “When I was 11 I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis. Since then I have been in and out of remission, on lots of different drugs and treatment making the hospital my second home. Colitis has had a huge effect on my life and can often stop me doing things ordinary teenagers should be able to enjoy. Although crohns and colitis isn’t rare many people don’t talk about it as it can be hard to open up about due to fear of embarrassment. Colitis is a vicious disease which will tear you up from the inside out. There has been times where I struggle to even walk up stairs in my own house but to other people I look completely healthy.”

Modelling wise, she did a big campaign with Tommy Hilfiger in 2022.

Pre The Traitors

Before Mollie was on The Traitors, she travelled a fair bit. In the last couple of years she’s been on a big holiday to Greece and even done some work in Kenya. Like the best of us, she also loves a festival.

Post Traitors?

Mollie just posted out for dinner with some of her pals from The Traitors, namely Zack, Ross, and Jasmine but also put pics of the whole cast on of a behind the scenes viewing party. Loads of drinks, loads of good vibes. Neeeeeeed to be there with them so badly.

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