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Mae Muller Eurovision icon

An ode to Mae Muller: Our LoveOfHuns pop girly bringing the iconic vibes to Eurovision

Her social media presence is perfection

I feel like life, the world and existence itself has been made immeasurably better since the UK decided to pull their finger out and send likeable icons to the Eurovision Song Contest and take the whole affair a little bit seriously. Sam Ryder did the heavy lifting – stormed into the competition last year and made a national treasure of himself by being a bloody lovely guy with an astonishing voice and made Eurovision cool again. The pressure was on for this year’s entry to live up to his charm, but worry not – Mae Muller is a stone cold icon, a LoveOfHuns queen who gets it. Here’s an ode to Mae Muller, the UK Eurovision icon doing us all proud.


First things first, a Eurovision entry is only as iconic as the song they’re entering with. And Ar Mae? Oh she popped off. For years and years and YEARS, we’ve begged for the UK to send a pop girly to do it for the gays who keep Eurovision in business – and our prayers were answered with Mae Muller and I Wrote A Song. In the same vein of nonsense bangers by the likes of Bebe Rexha, I Wrote a Song is a balls to the wall banger that feels Latin tinged, anthemic, and lighthearted all at the same time.

It’s the best thing we’ve sent in my entire lifetime, and I’m not joking. Sure, Sam Ryder can sing everyone under the table – but Space Man is actually a bit of a boring song. I Wrote A Song is the gay agenda.

Her social media is iconic

Mae Muller is currently exhibiting a masterclass in how to promote yourself. Her Twitter presence is a laugh a minute.

A permanent laugh is how much she can drag herself for her shit vocals in Barcelona. Like you have to be a really down to earth good vibes gal to not prang when the entire Eurovision corner of the internet is ripping your vocals ad you can literally be like, I was shit – we’ve moved on. It’s so refreshing.

— Mae Muller (@maemuller_) April 21, 2023

And this classic.

As a fellow fat arsed icon, nothing makes me want to show it off more than Mae Muller. And I think that’s gorgeous.

And this ain’t even the half of it. She just gets it. She’s girlypop.

An ode to the TikToks


Take 2 #ceilings #Eurovision2023

♬ ceilings – Sped Up Version – Lizzy McAlpine

Like, how actually dare she be so bloody fun? Oh to be running through London with Mae Muller in an iconic dress whilst she clutches her boobs to the tune of Ceilings by Lizzy McAlpine!


the rock life chose me 🤘🏻 #eurovision

♬ La La Land – Album Version – Demi Lovato

She’s so Gay Twitter coded, and she knows it.

And finally, the fact she’s literally the girl from Mika’s Grace Kelly music video means she’s absolutely god tier icon status, no notes, just applause. Legendary.


@Mika tiktok miss u bestie 💕 #gracekelly #eurovision


And finally, an ode to the vibes

Literally everything Mae Muller wears, every picture of her, every video – is the definition of great vibes. Effortlessly hot, instantly charming, extremely likeable. I want to be her.

I don’t even care if Mae Muller doesn’t win Eurovision, this ode proves she’s done something more significant. She’s already won our hearts – and we all know that’s way more important. Waiting patiently for the album.


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