ITV Phillip Schofield inquiry

Phones handed in and Holly questioned: The ITV Phillip Schofield inquiry explained so far

‘They look at every single text, email and WhatsApp you’ve ever sent’

Since the Phillip Schofield saga rocked the telly world and, well, the entire UK in general back in May, there has been an external inquiry underway to gather the facts regarding Phillip’s abrupt exit from This Morning. The rumour mill has constantly swirled with jibes left, right and centre – feuds, fallouts and bitchy Instagram post deleting have all been going on. Here’s what we actually know so far with the ITV Phillip Schofield inquiry as we approach September and the results are due to be published.

An external inquiry

Jane Mulcachy KC is leading an external inquiry into all the circumstances surrounding Phillip Schofield leaving This Morning in May after rumours of bad blood between he and former best pal Holly Willoughby. Phil eventually left after admitting to affair with a younger male co-worker, and Eamonn Holmes publicly and boldly blasted Schofield on GB News in an interview with Dan Wootton and accused ITV of a “cover up”.

Who’s getting questioned for the ITV Phillip Schofield inquiry?

Phillip Schofield and the young co-worker he had an affair with will both be questioned by Jane Mulcachy KC, as well as Holly Willoughby, Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langford, Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, allegedly. A source from ITV has told The Mirror what’s gone on so far. Holly has fully co-operated with Jane Mulcachy KC so far, with the source saying “Holly was more than happy to do what was asked of her, and explain her position, and what she knew, and what she didn’t.”

Kevin Lygo, the boss of ITV, said “Jane Mulcachy has been talking to everybody involved, they take your phone and look at every single text you’ve ever sent, email, WhatsApp. So, everything is available, lots of interviews, talking to everybody and I hope as soon as possible, but probably in September, she will make that public.”

A source from ITV had previously said on the report: “”Jane Mulcahy KC will review our records and talk to people involved. She will take as much time as is necessary to conduct this review and ITV will assist her in any way she requests to facilitate the review.

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