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Everything the One Day film absolutely butchered that the Netflix series fixed

An actually decent Leeds accent was a welcome start

One Day the film VS One Day the new Netflix adaptation series is like comparing a McDonald’s 99p cheeseburger to a Five Guys. One is a disposable bit of nonsense and the other an acclaimed beast, finally doing a hugely successful book some long needed justice after we all had to endure Anne Hathaway’s Yorkshire accent in 2011. But I’m going to take a quick look at the things the film did shocking that the new One Day Netflix show fixed and gave their deserved redemption.

A decent Yorkshire accent

The much maligned Anne Hathaway Yorkshire accent made the One Day film from 2011 pretty much dead on arrival – but the Netflix series thankfully dragged us all out the shit with Ambika Mod, who’s perfect for the role. Once that hurdle is crossed, you just instantly feel in safer hands.

A Dex that’s not insufferable

A huge issue with the 2011 One Day film is that they made Leo completely unlikeable, almost irredeemable – and the Netflix series sorts that right out. Leo Woodall brings a lot more warmth, charm and depth to a troubled character that is of course meant to be frustrating with his antics but not to the point that you feel he can’t be redeemed. Thank god Netflix understood the assignment.

A fleshed out story

In the One Day film, which only has a runtime of just under two hours – the one days in question barely have any time to matter. We can’t attach to each little moment because the film has too much ground to cover. Which is an issue with most book adaptations when they choose to do films over TV shows that can properly do what they need to do.

The way it handles *that* twist

That subheading was your spoiler warning – but the way the film handles the death of Emma in the film is so cackhanded and sloppy. A bus literally comes from nowhere. Thank god One Day undid the clumsiness of the film with the way they handle it all in the Netflix series.

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