Big Brother cast Instagrams

A nosy peek inside the Instagrams of the Big Brother 2023 cast

Of course Hallie’s is the biggest slay

Big Brother, for its return onITV, has banned the cast from having public Instagrams. This means that whilst the housemates are inside the house, no one really knows what their personal lives look like. Now three housemates have been evicted and have opened their Instagrams up to the public, here’s a look at the Big Brother cast on Instagram that wI’ll update as and when someone gets the boot.


Farida’s Instagram is more of an extension of her TikTok, where she posts about her career as an MUA for the traveller and gypsy community where she does hairstyling and makeup. Her Instagram also has loads of reposts of anytime she’s been discussed on TikTok which is extremely funny to me. Bit of an icon. She needs to put a grid post on of her ghost from last night.


Zak has 128,000 followers on Instagram – which I assume is a mix of all his ones he had before the show for being a sexy ASOS model and the ones he’s gained since. His Insta is filled with holidays and him looking sexy as fuck to be honest. Which was to be expected. The joint pic of him and Hallie is so cute.


Sorry, but can I just say that @misshalliex is the most iconic handle ever? So camp, so chic, so glam. Hallie’s Instagram is filled with vibey selfies and nights out and shows how glam she truly is when she isn’t being forced to camp outdoors or zoom about on Kerry’s mobility scooter. An absolute icon who you all most follow.

We will update the Instagrams of the Big Brother cast as the housemates get evicted. For all the latest Big Brother, reality TV and entertainment news, like Pop Culture Shrine on Facebook

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