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Drag Race Danny Beard Veronica Green

Um, Drag Race UK’s Veronica Green and Danny Beard are randomly beefing on Instagram

Jonbers Blonde and Bailey J Mills have also piped up backing Danny

In the most random bit of RuPaul’s Drag Race news of recent, Drag Race UK alumni Veronica Green from seasons two and three is randomly beefing with season four winner Danny Beard in Danny’s Instagram comments. And it genuinely looks like that iconic clip of Pete Burns where he says “Just attacked Tracy for the hell of it”.

The random spat comes after the announcement that Danny Beard is going to be hosting an after show for season five of Drag Race UK called The After Shave, where Danny will interview the eliminated queen of that week and get the lowdown on everything that went on on that episode. Kind of like the Drag Race UK version of The Xtra Factor but without the chaos of Konnie Huq.

Veronica Green commented on the Instagram announcement of the Danny Beard after show news, writing to the winner “Drag Race winner hosting an official Drag Race show… out of drag. I’m not gagging. Congratulations for getting the opportunity though.” The ‘I’m not gagging’ being a reference of course to Ra’jah O’Hara’s dragging of Yvie Oddly on season 11.

Danny Beard clapped back, tagging Veronica Green and saying “Some of us look alright out of drag though babes.” Veronica Green then replied again saying “You look stunning both in drag and out. Never disputed that. Nice to know what you think about some people’s looks though.”

Jonbers Blonde, who got to the final with Danny Beard on season four, then also tagged Veronica Green and gave her two pennyworth saying “Ru hosts the actual show mostly out of drag haha.” A valid point.

Even the iconic Bailey J Mills cracked on, telling Veronica “Don’t get bitter, just get better bab.”

Anyway – Danny Beard’s The After Shave starts when Drag Race UK season five returns and I can’t wait for our own UK after show exclusive to us. Danny’s such great TV and it’s the perfect way to use the WOW show prize the UK winners get to maximise the opportunity.

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