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Davide Love Island TikTok

Davide from Love Island is now the best TikTokker on the FYP and these videos prove it

Watching Davide play silly little games is my Roman Empire

Forget every TikTokker you thought you liked. Balegde, GK Barry, Maddie Grace Jepsen… all over. There’s a new king running TikTok right now, and against all expectations it’s Davide Sanclimenti from Love Island. Davide isn’t really a majorly online person, but his new obsession with TikTok is actually the most joyous thing you’ve ever seen. His unintentional hilarity is a blessing from the gods. But where did this random Davide TikTok era come from post Love Island you ask? Here’s a deep dive into what’s making it essential viewing.


PINEAPPLE🍍ON PIZZA🍕 🤔🤣 #wowwowwow #pineappleonpizza #davidesaclimenti #italianfunnyvideo

♬ original sound – itsforfunokkkk

It all started when Davide lip synced to his own viral audio. You know the one. “Wow, wow, wow – this is actually disgusting now”, all delivered in his trademark Italian twang. In true Italia fashion, he uses it to annihilate pineapple on pizza.


I won!! The sheep is safeeee 🐑🤪😂#minecraftsheepchallenge #funnyvideos #funnytiktok #tiktokchallenge

♬ original sound – Davide Sanclimenti

Next up, we have this thrilling watch as Davide plays a silly little filter game on TikTok where he needs to get a sheep to safety. Not to say that all Italians sound like Mario, but here Davide sounds EXACTLY like Mario. At the end he might as well shout LET’SA GO! Favourite Davideisms in this one is when he earnestly says “Another shance”, and the disappointing heartbreak of his “noooh”.


Any italian can experience this is his life 🥺 I had to make one 😊😂 #italianfood #funnyitalian #couplestiktok #couplescomedy #spaghetti #funnyvideos #davidesanclimenti @Ekin-Su 😘

♬ original sound – Davide Sanclimenti

Davide then kindly treated us to a TikTok with Ekin-Su, aka GOD-SU, his on-off girlfriend and legendary icon he won Love Island 2022 with. She sacrilegiously breaks spaghetti in half so he gives us some silent movie melodrama and saves the day wearing the cape of an Italian flag. It’s so boomer but endearing.


Singing Italian at the end made me Win!! 🙈😹 which was your favourite moment? Lol #minecraft #minecraftfilter #sheepfilter #viral #funny #comedia #davidesanclimenti #funnytok #gamestiktok #viralgame

♬ original sound – Davide Sanclimenti

Last night, Davide gave us his TikTok masterpiece. He played a stupid little plane game on TikTok and it’s honestly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. The way he names airlines but keeps calling them eyelines? The way he doesn’t realise he keeps missing a target so is getting a game over but hasn’t worked out what’s making him lose: “No game over why?” Pure CINEMA. May the Davide TikTok era reign on.

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