‘It hurts my heart’: Alaska on her cold relationship with World of Wonder after Drag Race

‘I don’t think World of Wonder is thrilled with me doing a podcast, which is sad’

Alaska has spoken on a podcast talking about her relationship with World of Wonder following her seasons of Drag Race. Alaska runs the Race Chaser podcast with fellow Drag Race alum Willam, who notoriously has huge issues with RuPaul and the show and is allegedly unable to compete in future seasons because of it, and Alaska has shared where she stands with this following her working so closely with Willam.

Speaking to Joseph Shephard on Sissy That Talk Show, Alaska said “In the sense of World of Wonder, I’m allowed to say anything I want. I pretty much have said everything there is to say. We don’t have a contract. Thank the lord I got in under the wire and was on Drag Race in a time when it felt like they really wanted to cultivate the drag queens that were on the show, and so I’m really grateful to be a part of that and I’m grateful to them for that. To RuPaul especially.

“But there’s no contract, there’s no gag order, there’s no things that are secret that I’m trying to protect. I don’t think World of Wonder is thrilled with me doing a podcast now, which is sad. It hurts my heart. Because I’m like, why? Why are you mad? We’re promoting the show that changed our lives and that everybody loves. So I don’t see that as bad.

“But some people over there do. And that’s unfortunate. But I don’t have a vendetta against them, I want them to keep doing Drag Race and putting drag in the world. I do want them to be equitable to the drag queens that are making the show possible.”

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