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All the evidence Callum and Jess have split already after Love Island All Stars

That’s if they ever even were a couple

Look, let’s call a spade a spade: No couples on Love Island All Stars were very serious – but least of all Callum Jones and Jess Gale, who had about as much romantic chemistry as two wet flannels. We aren’t buying it, guys. We just aren’t. We’re only a week on from the final of Love Island All Stars and already there are a load of rumours that runners up Callum and Jess have split, so let’s unpack all the evidence, shall we?

‘Spending time apart’ since returning to the UK

Callum and Jess obviously live in different cities, so spending time apart is actually probably a lot easier than spending time together. Nonetheless, you’d think perhaps if you’d started a new relationship on the telly that you were excited and happy about you’d probably make some effort to meet up and hang out. In contrast, Molly and Tom have been inseparable.

No mentioning of each other on social media

Not even a “Miss you babe” on the stories. Just crickets. I’m a little bit concerned, personally.

Callum wrote this on his social media after finishing the show – alongside a solo picture of himself. “What a ride it’s been over the past 5 weeks! The love and support everybody has shown me has been unbelievable and I’m truly thankful for you all.”

Callum confirms they aren’t ‘official’ anyway

When Callum was speaking on the Love Island podcast, he confirmed they aren’t an official couple. “No, do you know what, we’re so compatible. I feel like we’ve got a couple of dates planned on the outside. That hotel in London. She loves surprises. Me not so much…”

It’s not looking good guys, let’s be real.

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