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Sugar and Spice are shading Michelle Visage online for how she treated them on Drag Race

‘Your obsession with age and youth is just weird’

Spice got her marching orders from season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race this week, joining her twin sister in the sashayed away camp – and since she’s not minced her words on how she felt about her experience on the show, with both Sugar and Spice particularly shading Michelle Visage on Twitter.

Sugar and Spice were talked about as soon as the cast was announced, due to the fact they already had a prominent following on social media thanks to their viral TikTok account and the fact they’d never performed in any drag shows. A lot of the queens on the season were irritated with the duo early on in the competition, but even the formidable shady legend Mistress Isabelle Brooks softened on them – eventually even now becoming their drag mother.

Allegedly, they did NOT impress Michelle Visage – who we saw on the show frown at the twins a lot during their runways and deliberations, especially if the two dared to trot. But according to the Sugar and Spice the shade didn’t end there from Michelle, and allegedly she was not a fan of them and made her feelings known.

Spice tweeted that she gets Michelle “hot and bothered just by looking hot and being fun, I love it”, and Sugar claimed that Michelle Visage was talking about the two to people on set.

Spice then went further to critique Michelle Visage, RuPaul and the judging panel by slamming how they frequently referred to Sugar and Spice as kids on the show.

“Wait, can we talk about how repeatedly calling someone a ‘kid’ or ‘these kids’ when they’re a fully fledged adult in their 20s is so condescending? Like girl your obsession with age and youth is just weird – we can all learn from each other regardless of age.”

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