The 2024 Best Picture Oscar nominees, ranked by their rating on IMDb

I can’t accept this Barbie slander

Yesterday, The Academy finally announced the long-awaited 10 Oscar nominees shortlisted for the Academy Award for Best Picture when the ceremony comes around in March. It’s a list mostly of very great films, and I’m sure the world is pretty split on what they want to win the top award. I know I have my own ranking, but what about the public? Using their aggregated score on IMDb, here are the 2024 Best Picture nominees ranked.

10. Maestro (6.7)

Thank the film gods the users of IMDb know to get this shoddy 2024 Best Picture nominee ranked dead last, because Bradley Cooper’s showboating Netflix film about Leonard Bernstein is nothing short of insufferable. Bradley Cooper wants an Oscar so bad he’s practically on all fours begging like a dog. At least Carey Mulligan is amazing.

9. Barbie (6.9)

2024 best picture ranked imdb

A lot of discourse and chat centred around the ‘snubbing’ of Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig at the Oscars, but here Barbie sits with its deserved nomination for Best Picture. A cultural phenomenon as big as most of us have ever seen film-wise, and one that deserves way higher a score than 6.9. Of course it has its flaws and worthy criticism, but let’s be serious. It’s at least an 8.

8. American Fiction (7.8)

2024 Best Picture ranked imdb

One of three Best Picture nominees from 2024 ranked here I’m yet to see, but IMDb viewers ranked it third worst. Cord Jefferson’s film stars Jeffrey Wright as a frustrated novelist who writes an outlandishly stereotypical “Black book” intended to be satire but it gets praise and big sales instead. It comes out in UK cinemas on February 2nd.

7. Anatomy of a Fall (7.8)

2024 best picture ranked imdb

I am DYING to see this French legal drama directed by Justine Triet. Sandra Hüller has got universal acclaim (and a Best Actress nom) for her portrayal of a woman trying to prove her innocence after her husband’s death. Get it on streaming, you cowards, so I can declare my own opinion on it.

6. Killers of the Flower Moon (7.9)

If this doesn’t win Best Picture I will not be held responsible for my actions. The best film of 2023. How this isn’t number one is killing me. Celine Song’s heartbreaking film of what-ifs is one of the most emotional and well written portrayals of the sliding doors of relationships and lives you could ever hope to see on screen. Just faultless. Sort it out, IMDb.

4. The Zone of Interest (8.0)

2024 best picture ranked IMDb

The hardest to watch film on this list by any stretch, Jonathan Glazer’s harrowing adaptation of the novel of the same name depicts the home life of Nazi war criminal Rudolf Höss and his family as they live banally right next to Auschwitz as the genocide of the Jewish people plays out in the background. You never see a thing, but you know it’s happening. A sickening and truly unsettling watch but an absolute masterpiece of a film.

3. The Holdovers (8.0)

The Holdovers is just a joy. Paul Giamatti stars as a cranky old teacher, and his forced friendship with Dominic Sessa’s Angus and Da’Vine Joy Randolph’s cafeteria boss Mary as the three are forced to stay together at a boarding school over Christmas is nothing short of a joy to watch. I cried, I laughed, I wowed. Amazing – and deserves top three when ranked against the other 2024 Best Picture nominees on IMDb.

2. Poor Things (8.4)

The only film on this list next to Past Lives that I gave a perfect five star score. Yorgos Lanthimos’ masterpiece sees a very acclaimed Bella Stone romp through a dreamy and surrealist Victorian-ish era world as men try and control her and she discovers things for the first time. Just pure CINEMA.

1. Oppenheimer (8.4)

Technically tied with Poor Things as the highest ranked on IMDb out of the 2024 Best Picture nominees (I’ve ranked it top because it has more ratings to be an average of), Christopher Nolan’s impenetrable beast of a historical drama deserves all the acclaim. Whilst it isn’t my personal winner of Best Picture, I can see why it’s the highest ranked and I do feel like it’s going to be the picture that walks away with the prize.

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