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Big Brother launch memes

24 memes about the Big Brother launch that prove the best show on TV is back, baby!

Not Jenkin enduring World War III within the first hour

I cannot believe I am existing at a time where I have a job in which I am being paid to write about Big Brother. This is my favourite reality show of all time – a formative pop cultural viewing that has shaped my childhood, and here I am as an adult as Big Brother returns with an astronomical bang. We all had our doubts, but that was a perfect first episode. The house is beautiful, the housemates are weird and wonderful with a splash of carnage and AJ and Will Best are naturals. Nothing summed up how great that Big Brother launch night was then X / Twitter – so here’s a roundup of all the best memes and reactions that prove BB is back to being unmissable.

1. Jenkin got put through the RINGER

2. Sobbing actual tears at the accuracy of this

3. RIP Pete Burns you’d have been in your element

4. Not the gay Tory sealing his fate

— Harrison Brocklehurst (@harrisonjbrock) October 8, 2023

— tez (@tezdamn) October 8, 2023

6. Literally legendary behaviour

7. He has been through more than anyone

8. It’s giving A24 film

9. My girl, my GIRL

10. For god’s sake haha

11. Give it to me NOW

12. A mother I fear

13. I am crying

14. He was kind of a prophet in a way

15. They did what they had to do

16. Never seen anything more accurate lmao

17. She’d eat gruel for that c*nt

18. Sensory overload

19. Every student in the country 

20. He went through the ringer

21. The most accurate of all Big Brother launch night memes

22. Crying hahahaha

23. Beyond accurate


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