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The final Apprentice power ranking: Brace yourselves – it’s interviews week

Dani’s confidentiality agreement was the peak of comedy

Well here we are, gentle readers. The final Apprentice power ranking of the year for 2023 – it’s week 11, it’s interviews, and we’ve got five gals who are about to get pasted within an inch of their lives whether they deserve it or not. The ethics of this week are murky, and after last night’s episode I know I do not stand firmly endorsing such trials of misery. It’s a game where no one can win, but someone’s got to anyway so here we are doing a power ranking. How will the top five fare in week 11 – the final power ranking of The Apprentice 2023? Let’s get into it.

5. Megan

Apprentice power ranking 2023 11


Oh dear, oh dear – how the mighty hath fallen! Despite Megan being my fave to win the whole thing week after week, I really think her whole concept crumbled and fell apart here. She didn’t hold herself well in the interviews and clearly the business plan was very flawed despite the fact she had a business on the go. Doesn’t help that the business is pretty much exactly what Harpreet won for last year.

4. Victoria


A bit of a queen, but who the hell is buying pick and mix sweets off Instagram in fancy boxes? Who is doing this and why? Literally just go to B&M and buy a load and make your own? Who’s arsed?

3. Dani


You could just tell Lord Sugar absolutely loved Dani but it just was not her time, alas. A grafter, the female Thomas Skinner. ABOSH!

2. Rochelle


Extremely camp that Milton Keynes Rochelle wants to storm right into Belgravia with a salon. I’m really happy for her making the final because I don’t think anyone was expecting it – but 14 years in successful business speaks for itself and I can see why Sugar finds that a safe bet. Avi is weeping rn.

1. Marnie

It was the shadow boxing that did it.

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