Kim Kardashian doing a ‘British chav’ TikTok makeover isn’t funny or iconic, it’s classist

I don’t want to see billionaires M to the B-ing

In the craziest British pop culture moment she’s dabbled in since she said her favourite vine was “broom broom… get out me car”, Kim Kardashian has posted a TikTok doing her makeup to the iconic song stylings of Soph Aspin Send by Millie B. Loving such an iconic bop is only natural, but accompanying it with a video of the viral trend to paint your face like a “British chav” is not. It’s not funny, it’s not iconic and when a billionaire like Kim Kardashian does it, it’s classist.


♬ original sound – Kim Kardashian

Imagine being Millie B this morning, waking up to see the most famous woman on the planet knows you existed. Kim Kardashian is often all over makeup trends, but I don’t think anyone had her emulating the ‘British chav’ look on their bingo card. Mostly because in my opinion, she shouldn’t be doing it.

Something just really doesn’t sit right with me personally about one of the world’s most famous and rich women doing a makeup look like this, for laughs.

There’s a demonisation of the working class element to people who find it funny to create ‘Chav’ stereotypical characters – especially when such impersonations and sketches are coming from people not from that background.

The word ‘Chav’ itself is one I personally wouldn’t use, bearing in mind it stands for “Council houses and violence”. Kim Kardashian jumping on this trend rings the same tone deaf bells as when Molly-Mae branded her Gucci coat that set her back close to two grand as “chav-chic”. We’ve moved past all this, or at least we should have. There’s a reason why we don’t split our sides to Little Britain these days, and even The Catherine Tate Show – a programme mostly hilarious – has Lauren as its least funny, classist rooted sketch.

We need to stop making trends out of chewing gum and “bad” makeup styles and we need to stop hailing the super rich as icons when they engage with it. I beg people who find this kind of stuff funny look into the origins of what they’re laughing at and why. Why are we perpetuating these trends and pushing them on social media?

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