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Fortnite Star Wars update 2023

A full rundown of everything new in this year’s annual Star Wars Fortnite update

No one celebrates May the 4th like Fortnite

The huge annual update that always occurs around early May to celebrate Star Wars’ ‘May the fourth be with you’ day is here, and the details of what’s coming to the game have started to leak thanks to the feverish work of our always dependable leakers on Twitter! Here’s a comprehensive rundown of everything new coming to Fortnite in the 2023 Star Wars update!

Skins: Darth Maul, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala

Three huge Star Wars characters are coming to the game – and I know full well everyone’s going to be so giddy about Darth Maul especially.

You can now use the force in game

According to iFireMonkey, players will now be able to literally use the force which gives us faster sprint and double jump. Can’t wait to see how this plays out – seems like a really fun addition for the Fortnite 2023 Star Wars update.

Update: NPC characters can train you in the force at rift gates!

New harvesting tools

These include Darth Maul’s poleaxe, the Royal Naboo staff and the Pod Racer. You just know that everyone is going to be up in arms that we are literally NEVER getting lightsabers as harvesting tools. I think at this time this is literally where the dream dies – we’ve had Star Wars collabs since Chapter 2 season 2 for god’s sake! It’s over guys. It’s over.

How the lobby is going to look

— iFireMonkey (@iFireMonkey) May 2, 2023

Fortnite loves going all out for their collab updates, and that means a new lobby background. This one looks pretty spectacular – we’re in orbit!

Rift Gate rifts

Until servers are up, it’s unclear what these are going to be like in game – but, erm, STUNNING?

New locker buttons!

Locker editing gets frequently updated, and I’m personally hyped about the opportunity to just randomise everything you have in one button. That is the kind of chaos I welcome!

Captain Hypatia level up skin!

This season’s level up skin has been revealed as Captain Hypatia, the second pic in the above tweet from Shiina. This is one of the skins from the survey ages ago, and one I’ve been personally hyped for. She looks amazing – and will give you the chance to level up your Battle Pass when you buy her.

Chapter 2 season skins

The new update brings the skins that are all themed after seasons, we already had one for Chapter 1 and now Epic Games has made one for the Chapter 2 seasons.

The Star Wars weapons are back

Whilst the lightsabers still aren’t harvesting tools for us to use, they’re back as loot and weapons! As well as the Star Wars guns getting unvaulted. It wouldn’t be a Fortnite and Star Wars update if they weren’t back for 2023, let’s face it.

The Star Wars update has a reward progress path like Dragon Ball or Most Wanted

As is now the default really for these big collabs, the Fortnite and Star Wars update for 2023 brings with it what is likely going to be a mini pass for you to level up with for rewards. Some of these are both free and paid!

The Clone Trooper skin is a free reward!

According to iFireMonkey, the Clone Trooper skin is a free part of the rewards system whilst the others will be paid in some capacity.

The same goes for Darth Maul:

This basically means when you get to that level on the reward tracker you can purchase it for 1000 V Bucks.

New augments!

With the new update come four new augments so far. These are:

  • Tracker’s Armory: Grants flare gun and shadow tracker pistol.
  • Desperate Reload: Pistols reload faster with an empty clip.
  • SMG Signoff: The last three bullets from your SMG deal extra damage.
  • Steady Hands: Marksman rifles have reduced recoil.

Azuki got some new variants

Random but, fun!


The latest FNCS skin is a reskin of Aura – the infamously sweaty and very popular 800 v-bucks skin!


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