Meet Rise and Fall winner Eddy’s uber-posh, aristocratic family with a 3000 acre estate

Just the people who need their son to win £85k

Rise and Fall aired its final episode last night, which saw Eddy take home the huge cash prize the grafters spent the whole season building up. Albeit sheepishly, conversations arose throughout the show about Eddy and his family, when he revealed his family owned a huge house with MANY acres. But who actually is Eddy Fulford from Rise and Fall and who are his family and how they ended up with one of the oldest houses in the country?

Eddy is Edmund Fulford, son of Francis Fulford

Eddy is the youngest son of Francis Fulford, the current Lord of the Manor or Great Fulford, a home bestowed to Eddy’s ancestor by Richard the First in the 12th century. This makes Eddy a part of an aristocratic landed gentry family, and not only that but his family have been the subject of reality TV shows before he even went on Rise and Fall.

One doc series show called The F*cking Fulfords aired in 2004 and was nominated for a BAFTA, and then the whole family returned in 2014 for Life Is Toff.

Eddy’s dad Francis is the current Lord of Great Fulford, and when he dies Eddy’s eldest brother Arthur will inherit it. He’s got twin siblings too, called Matilda and Humphrey.

This is Eddy’s dad, a charming man who in this video says “If all your children end up as poofs, that’s the end of the family” – the aristocratic rich are just on another planet.

Eddy’s house

Rise and Fall winner Eddy has a 3000 acre family estate that’s predictably huge and the family still live there, but they also welcome the public for tours and events, weddings and overnight stays. The house costs a lot to maintain and doing this helps keep the work that needs to be done on it afloat.

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