Max Balegde ableist

Max Balegde’s podcast is getting called out for ‘ableist’ discussion about the Paralympics

‘How many fingers would I have to cut off to become a Paralympian?’

A video clip from Max Balegde and George Clarke’s podcast The Useless Hotline from back in May has resurfaced and is getting called out on Twitter, with people branding the discussion Max and George have about the Paralympics as “ableist.”

A tweet in the early hours of this morning reposted a video clip from Max and George’s Useless Hotline podcast which they posted on their TikTok originally back at the end of May. In the clip, George says “What’s the lowest level of disability that gets you into the Paralympics?” Max then replies “Oh my god, do you think I could be in the Paralympics?”

After George says “I’m not saying that anybody’s disability isn’t a struggle, but, so like how many fingers would I need to cut off to become a Paralympian?”

Max then replies “I don’t think it’s fingers, I think it’s limbs.” George says, “But in a sport that fingers are helpful in-” and Max says “Like swimming? I guess if you just lost both of your hands, maybe. Who’s assessing this?” George then replies “How far down the arm are we going before you go ‘yeah, Paralympics’.”

The clip has surfaced today on Twitter, calling out Max Balegde and the podcast ‘ableist’. One Tweeter said “The fact they said this drivel to begin with is bad enough, but then they must have gone through the conversation to edit it and thought this was worth keeping.”

It’s the second time Max Balegde has been called out on Twitter in recent weeks, after he was called out for walking in front of Love Island winner Ekin-Su to ruin her paparazzi picture being taken at the Barbie movie premiere.

The Tab has approached Max Balegde’s management for comment. 

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