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Think you’re a massive fan of Drag Race? This quiz tests if you can name all 272 queens

Getting a score of 238 on this is my proudest academic achievement

With 15 seasons of the mainline franchise of RuPaul’s Drag Race and seven All Stars seasons on top of that, naming all the casts of this show takes the total of queens to an eye-watering 272. There was a time when I could name all the queens back to front with my eyes closed back when there were only six seasons to name, but now Drag Race has evolved into the big juggernaut it is – even naming only the US queens is a challenge you pretty much have to revise for. There’s a quiz on Sporcle doing the rounds that tests you to name all 272 queens Drag Race in 25 minutes… how well do you reckon you can do?

Blu Hydrangea has tried it, and she did pretty well


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Blu Hydrangea is always vocal about how she was one of the biggest fans of the show before she competed and eventually won UK Vs the World, so you’d think naturally she’d be all over this quiz. She ended up with 220 out of a possible 272, which I think is honestly pretty impressive.

As someone who writes about Drag Race literally every day for a living, I tested my luck to see how I would do on this name all queens quiz and came out with a 238 – and honestly? This flex means more to me than any other academic achievement in my life and I didn’t even have to revise for it. WINNER!


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