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Here’s where the guy from the ‘Me walking into work’ TikTok trend is actually from

I’m horrified this isn’t common knowledge?

There’s a new viral trend all over the TikTok For You Page right now, with the FYP completely plastered in stitched videos of a man storming through an office with some headphones on and a straight face spliced with another video of a silly song and bop that contrasts his vibe. Trying to explain this meme in those words is killing me inside, because it has recently come to my attention that the man from this meme’s identity isn’t actually as common knowledge as I assumed it was. So here I am, explaining to all you uncultured swines who the hell it really is in the me walking into work TikTok meme.

It’s Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, for god’s sake!

Like, only one of the most seminal books and films of the last 30 years! Please! The clip is taken from a scene near the start of American Psycho, where yuppy and secret serial killer Patrick Bateman is storming through his workplace to his office whilst blasting his music.

A recurring part of the film is how Patrick has an encyclopaedic knowledge of pop music, like that scene has Walking On Sunshine blaring out and in one of the film’s most famous sequences Patrick Bateman murders Jared Leto’s Paul with an axe whilst pontificating to him about Huey Lewis and the News.

If you haven’t seen American Psycho yet, don’t walk, RUN to watch it.


#CapCut just a sprinkle of 💅 to liven up my work day ✨💅 #coconuts #kimpetras #lgbt #bi #trans#fyp #airpods #music #work @kimpetras

♬ Coconuts – Kim Petras

The ‘Me walking into work’ ‘My AirPods’ meme is all over TikTok right now, with everyone sharing the silliest tunes they storm into the office or uni with, like blasting Jane McDonald or Kim Petras Coconuts. Both bops.

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