Happy Valley might be over, but these 22 memes about the finale will live on forever

‘We’ve had another bit of a tussle – I won, obviously’

Has there ever been a more anticipated, everyone gather on the sofa television event like the series finale of Happy Valley? Nary a breath was taken in our house as we watched what is unquestionably one of the greatest TV shows to come out of the UK in decades come to its conclusion. Twitter has been a joy over the last month and a half as we all returned to Yorkshire, united in our love for Catherine and our detest not for multi-murderer and serial rapist Tommy Lee Royce, but the despicable Neil and his croaky voice. Here are the best memes from last night’s outstanding finale of Happy Valley that will have you laughing long after the show’s ended forever!

1. I will be thinking about it on my death bed

2. No we haven’t x

3. Absolutely euphoric


5. Sally Wainwright deserves every award imaginable

6. Not the AV IT

— tjc (@todd_tjc) February 5, 2023

— Shirley Carter’s Pussy (@shirlpuzz) February 6, 2023

8. I can’t process it yet

9. Mother mother mother mother

10. British PERFECTION

11. They are both national treasures

12. Every student at drama school should have to study it on the essential syllabus


14. I am weeping

15. Idiots I fear

16. Thankfully nowhere to be seen!


18. She needed a nap alright!

19. Always late aren’t they!

20. RIP to Clare’s crochet

21. Of all the Happy Valley memes, this one is the most accurate

22. Weeping and wailing

If you enjoyed these Happy Valley memes and miss the show already, Happy Valley seasons one to three are available to stream now on BBC  iPlayer.

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