Fortnite secrets

Just a load of secrets in Fortnite right now you had no idea even existed

No way is Poker Face by Lady Gaga sneakily hidden in an emote

Fortnite is a massive, ever changing game that has consistently evolved with its regular updates – and with each update comes little secret additions and updates you probably have no clue you can do, or have no clue that they’re there in game. Epic Games love hiding easter eggs and secrets in the files, but no longer do you have to go rummaging for these. We’ve got you covered, here are a load of secrets in Fortnite you never even knew about!

Renegade Runner isn’t just a Raider reskin

Fortnite loves a reskin – but the recent Renegade Runner isn’t one of them! The similarities to famous skin Renegade Raider are not just accidental – they’re cononically family and she’s the Raider’s younger sister!

‘Check the map’ emote hints towards Chapter 5?

When characters use this emote, the island on the map has never been seen before. This could just be Epic pranking us, but also could it be the first look at the Chapter 5 map?

The frog family

Remember the rock family? They’ve been replaced by the frog family for some reason. They’re just by where Thunder is on the map if you want to go and pay them a visit.

You don’t wanna know where Thunder’s tail is…

Chapter 4 season 2 Battle Pass skin Thunder is a lizard without a tail, which is a little bit jarring. He should have one, so where is it? Alas, look closely at his harvesting tool… He’s chopped it off and is now whacking things with it – harrowing.

Via Epic Games

Clamps got removed

A random quietly removed update we’re all grateful for. Literally why did these clamps exist in the first place? Just let me get into whatever car I want, please, Epic!

Meowscles’ house

Why is Meowscles like the most enduring skin ever? It feels like he crops up living somewhere with every map we get. This time he’s got a little house between Frenzy Fields and Steamy Springs. It’s got tuna cans, bowls and a poster of a summer Meowscles edit. Purr!

Lil Whip’s eyes

Random – but this skin has only ever had its eyes open during the Chapter 5 Season 2 trailer? Why? Who knows. But if a big clobber block was falling on my head I’d be opening my eyes too.

Fire cosmetics extinguish in water

A little but thoughtful detail I had no clue about but pleases me greatly! A little win for science and logic.

When Midas has gloves on, weapons don’t turn to gold

In the Bodyguard LTM, all skins get gloves. Since Midas’ golden touch then wouldn’t be directly on a weapon the stuff he’s holding doesn’t turn to gold like usual. Another small logical win!

Epic added an extra bone into the skin to make the Foundation’s eyebrow raise

LMAO… The things you do for Dwayne Johnson, eh?

Poker Face by Lady Gaga is hidden in the game

The jug band emote plays a random song at the start, but if you get four players doing the emote the skins do a rendition of Poker Face by Lady Gaga? One of the most random Fortnite secrets.

Thunder is a reference to Godzilla

One of the sprays shows the skin towering above a city, just like the famous kaiju.

Mancake’s butter melts throughout matches?

I literally had no clue this happened, but the butter atop Mancake’s head slowly melts throughout the game until it disappears which is so cute and funny – I love that Epic facilitates such nonsense in its Fortnite secrets.


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