Ryan-Mark The Apprentice secrets

Ryan-Mark has spilled The Apprentice secrets the show bans candidates from sharing

‘If Lord Sugar scrutinises the colours we used, we can’t say we were given the colours off camera’

Ex The Apprentice candidate Ryan-Mark Parsons has gone onto a podcast to talk about his time on the show and has spilled everything show bosses don’t want audiences to know – big secrets about production and why the candidates always end up looking as stupid as possible.

Speaking on the Showbiz Unfiltered podcast, Ryan-Mark basically explained how producers set up the tasks to fail and cause maximum carnage – and candidates aren’t allowed to mention that in front of Lord Sugar in the boardroom. “There is a lot of producing involved,” Ryan-Mark explained. “For example in every single task – and this is something the viewers don’t see – before we even get started, off-camera we read a dossier and that says all of the things we can do and all the things we can do.

“For example, if we the task is about creating a logo, it might say you can only use the colours green and orange. So then that’s it, that’s our choice. If Lord Sugar scrutinises us over the colours, we can’t say we were given the colours because it was off-camera. They find ways to make it harder.”

Ryan-Mark then does explain that despite the off camera secrets, the way The Apprentice does it is fair, because both teams still receive limitations and producers don’t favour it one way or another. “It’s all fair, it’s a BBC competition, it has to be fair. Everyone gets limitations, but when the public are watching and they’re thinking ‘why would they choose green’ they don’t realise that we’ve been told that we can’t do X, Y and Z.”

This explains then why sometimes the task is nautical fancy cruises and that team decided to choose a logo that was GREEN and BROWN.

BBC has been approached for comment.

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